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American Folk

SIFF 2017: closing weekend picks

Hey, SIFF procrastinators! The next few days offer your last chances to partake in 2017’s grand cinema binge… until the “best of fest” program rolls around next weekend at the Uptown. (No idea what will be included in that lineup, but I’ll preview it for you when I find out.) In the meantime, I can […]

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Mr. Long

SIFF 2017: week three highlights

A deeply moving feature about a hitman who makes noodles, a documentary about a bumbling made-for-TV president, and a quietly effective supernatural tale are among your can’t-miss options during the final days (thru 6/11) of SIFF 2017. DON’T MISS: A Dragon Arrives! {6/3 12:30p Uptown} A tough film to summarize, but an easy one to […]

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Person to Person

SIFF 2017: week two highlights

Week two approaches! Among SIFF’s must-sees on tap through June 1: a gorgeous animated fairytale about a handless girl, a refreshingly old-school New York indie, and a gut-punch of a documentary about a citizens’ resistance in Syria. DON’T MISS: City of Ghosts {5/26 6:30p Uptown; 5/27 2:30p Uptown} Members of the Syrian citizen journalist collective […]

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Heal the Living

SIFF 2017: week one highlights

Seattle’s beloved movie gorge-a-thon gets underway this evening, gala-style, with The Big Sick, and will be followed by 24 days of an ever-varied (and ever-bloated) lineup. TIG’s intrepid SIFFers have already been watching films — like, LOTS — and once again we’ll be around for the duration to help you peruse and choose. So let’s […]

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The Scent of Mandarin

SIFF 2016: closing weekend highlights

Good news, procrastinators: there’s still time to do something about your SIFF-slacking ways. The coming weekend offers your final chances to partake in this year’s local cinema binge-a-thon… until the best-of-fest program rolls around next weekend at the Uptown. (I’ll of course preview that for you after the festival prizes are announced and the lineup […]

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The Brand New Testament

SIFF 2016: week three highlights

A loving tribute to an alt-cinema master, a buzzy documentary about insect-based cuisine, and a deliriously sacrilegious Euro-satire are among the must-see highlights of SIFF 2016’s final week. DON’T MISS: The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin {6/4 9p Film Center; 6/5 8:30p Film Center} I was introduced to the genius work of filmmaker Guy Maddin […]

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Paths of the Soul

SIFF 2016: week two highlights

Gritty adolescence, Turkish kitty-cats, and the resurrection of Dawn Wiener are all on tap in your best bets through 6/2. DON’T MISS: Kedi {5/28 3p Uptown; 5/30 12p Uptown} I’m completely with Amie on this touching and exquisitely beautiful documentary. Cats have had free rein over (and, some may argue, actually ruled) the streets and homes of Istanbul for […]

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SIFF 2016: week one highlights

Away we go on SIFF 2016’s first week — and it’s a doozy. Luckily (for you), the intrepid members of TIG’s film team have been doing quite a bit of pre-screening (for you!), and we’re here to help you sift through our local movie gorge-a-thon’s dauntingly mammoth schedule. As in prior years, I’ll be bringing you a weekly […]

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