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Open Hearts

Disclaimer: I have a slight proclivity for things Scandinavian. You may have noticed this already — I recently got a little, um, moist for (Norwegian) Sondre Lerche, and temporarily went out of my natural mind for certain members of (Norwegian) Cato Salsa Experience and (Swedish) Soundtrack of our Lives. But you may not know, say, […]

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Show Date: February 5, 2003

Morcheeba first came to me at a lame Little Rock potluck dinner party in summer 1998. Somehow the pretentious, borderline-moron host (who hadn't exercised the good sense to stock up on beverages of any kind — and for this and many other things I will never forgive him) had come across a deliciously layered chill-electro […]

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Bend It Like Beckham

"Football" is the proper name for what most Americans call "soccer". Since I happen to be European at heart, I shall refer to football as football in my review of the wonderful British football-related hit Bend It Like Beckham. And because we don't seem to give a fuck about what goes on in the rest […]

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Best Films of 2002

It was an excellent year at the movies. Festivals galore (SIFF, SUFF, Women in Cinema, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Fest); ever-groovy calendar programs at the Little Theatre and Grand Illusion; Warren Report, Sneak, and Cinema Seattle screenings… And the films themselves. New works by old masters (Polanski, Miyazaki, Almodóvar) and contemporary auteurs (Haynes, […]

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Best Films of 2003

I'm a lil' bit late with my top-10 list, so I'll spare you a long-winded prelim summation of the cinematic year. How about an introductory haiku instead? 2003: The year that was Sofie, Bill, Scarlett,Y'all made me so happy ISaw your movie thrice! My favorite films of 2003: 1. LOST IN TRANSLATION Genius filmmaker Sofia […]

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Carlotta's Late Night Wing Ding

Christmastimes of my youth were spent at my Granny Earlene's house in Locust Grove, Arkansas. A three-hour drive from my childhood hometown took us to a different world — there were goats and chickens and horses and a pond, neighbors with big farm equipment and dusty John Deere baseball caps, and Granny's little roadside shop […]

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Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2002

A punky blue-haired music store employee gets butt nekkid in the front yard of a straight-laced admirer. A gay Brit has to "come out" to his activist mother about shagging a female friend. The most beloved rockin’ transsexual this side of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is demystified. Just a few of the sights and […]

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