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Why I'm So Unhappy: Benjamin Gibbard Hates Me! {or the DCFC Diaries}

{IMAGINARY CAVEAT} We here at TIG wish everyone to know that we LOVE Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie/All American Quarterback/The Postal Service… so much so that we question the sanity of anyone who doesn't. The man, the music, the dance moves… he is nothing short of a musicman-hearthrob-superhero. Okay then. That said… {/IMAGINARY […]

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Airs Above Your Station

Airs Above Your Station? Are you kidding? I mean, Steve's Basement! Semaphore! Rhode Island Freakout! Schedule for Using Pillows & Beanbags! I Think I Blew It! Your Lights Are (out or) Burning Badly! Waves of Second Guessing! I think I blew it (again)! I mean, come on! It's Kinski fer Chrissakes! You remember Kinski, don't […]

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Imaginary Numbers

As an imaginary brother (that’s right, even imaginary girls have imaginary siblings) I felt I needed to contribute to my sister’s online venture. The problem is that I’m more of a down-the-middle music fan than most site subscribers and really couldn’t hold my own when it comes to cutting edge local music (which is probably […]

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Best of 2003: Top 10 Imaginary Albums of the Year

The top ten releases of 2003 as voted on by you, our imaginary readers! #1 The Postal Service — Give Up (Sub Pop) Winning our imaginary best of 2003 by overwhelming majority, the Postal Service gorgeously blend the electronic delicacy of Dntel with the effortless vocal bliss of Ben Gibbard (plus stellar girlie cameos from […]

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Best of 2003: Top 10 Local/Northwest Imaginary Albums of the Year

Since the top five on this list all also appear on our Top 10 overall imaginary albums of the year list, we’ve added some Honorable Mention local bands! #1 The Postal Service — Give Up (Sub Pop) Winning our imaginary best of 2003 by overwhelming majority, the Postal Service gorgeously blend the electronic delicacy of […]

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Imaginary '02 Recap!

Hey kids! It’s the end of ’02, so welcome to the first ever Imaginary Recap. Hold onto your seats kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy year-long ride of favorite, in triplicate. Because the best things always happen in threes (ho ho ho…) {And yes, we have included shameless promotion links to our affliated Insound and […]

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The Madrid Report

After three gorgeous weeks in Barcelona and another lovely week in the Basque Country, I continued on to spend three weeks in Madrid… with some strange setbacks, but some lovely times as well. And even managed to catch Blackalicious. For the vicarious thrill travelers, here's the update… {oh yeah, and if you wanna practice speaking […]

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The Barcelona Report

"If you get caught between Barca and New York City (I mean, Seattle…)" My three weeks in Barca have now come to a close (SOB)… and what a lovely strange place it was. Mostly strange because it felt so familiar, so comfortable… I could easily imagine spending lots of time here, and hope to return […]

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Arty Boys

The Three Imaginary Girls are vain. So when an incredibly talented local artist paints a picture of us, we glow. And of course, then we write about it. Meet Matthew "Joematt" Parker: painter, lover, friend. For this show, Matthew found inspiration in those around him, documenting his friends in various haunts around the city. We […]

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