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*Three Imaginary Girls' Buttrock vs. New Wave Rockstar Karaoke Holiday Bash*

Kick off the holiday season imaginarily with Motley Crüe, Missing Persons, and mistletoe! December 2, 2004 at Chop Suey We all know that nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like Bon Jovi and Big Country. So, we've rolled them all together and on Thursday, December 2nd, Three Imaginary Girls will present the Buttrock vs. New Wave Rockstar […]

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Visualize: The Vote, The Victory

We have an imaginary secret for you. Lean in close…. cross your heart you won't tell…? Okay then, here it goes: We're going to win. Forget the skewed presidential polls predicting a race that's too close to call: We're going to win. We're going to win big. And we're going to win because of us. […]

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2004 Presidential Debates Mix Tape

I know what you're thinking: why must there be only three? The 2004 presidential debates are over, and after what has been largely perceived as a John Kerry three-peat it seems that the world is a much happier place. Democrats are starting to leave the house again after a two-month crying jag following the DNC, […]

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Love Thy Cheek While They Turn the Other Neighbor

It's hard to feel outraged 'round the holidays. I'd way rather be thinking about my favorite albums of 2004 or buying politically-conscious gifts for my pals than lamenting the state of the world. Yes, Christmas is a time to celebrate the winter solstice with trees, lights, feasts, merriment, music, wine, frolicking, and all those other […]

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The Sinclair Sitch

I've taken a deep breath. My seething rage at the current situation with our so-called free press has quieted. Now, as a writer, imaginary girl, and lover of independent media, I need to calmly tell you more about a bi-partisan situation I find extremely alarming, one that might not have made it through the filter […]

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The Death of Decency

All right, already. Dick's daughter is a dyke. Edwards said it, Kerry said it. We all knew it before they said it. So what? The Cheney's and their extended family The Pro Republican Administration Media are in a complete huff over of it, with conservative website today condoning Kerry's mention as "The Death of […]

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Of Dive Bars and Debates

Highlights from the first Presidential Debate, Oct 2004 The afternoon of the first debates, my friend Melissa and I decided that it would be fun to get a few friends together at a bar and watch the showdown between John Kerry and George W. Bush. After a bit of calling around, Sandy — one of […]

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Fuck Our So-Called Free Press

Fuck our so-called free press. I mean it. Fuck them. Fuck them for their presumed authenticity. Fuck them for not fulfilling their proper role of investigating and challenging our government, and educating our citizens in an unbiased fashion. Fuck them. {except for, which featured this fantastic article today about the whole elusive and incoherent […]

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