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Blizzard of Bonzo

The wrong-headed legacies of Ronnie and Ozzy Two scenes from a 1980s elementary school, Wilmington, Delaware: 1986: My best friend Ronnie approaches me in the hallway. "You're not gonna belive what tape I bought last night. Ozzy Osbourne's new album." Shock. Horror. Sure, we were as hardcore as 12-year-olds could be, I thought. But… OzzyOsbourne? […]

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McFiller up: My Bio with Biodiesel

{Do you realize it’s possible to own a new or used car that can cost-effectively run on possibly the most readily-available American by-product: french fry grease? And you don’t need to make the fuel yourself — in Washington State alone there are 15 biodiesel retail fueling stations, one conveniently located in beautiful Ballard. It’s embarrassing […]

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Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Given that there have been calls for his resignation from both sides of the aisle for years now, it shouldn't have come as such as a surprise when George Tenet finally caved last week. But the timing was so bizarrely out-of-nowhere that everyone was stunned, at such a loss for words that several commentators actually […]

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No Vote Left Behind: TIG says: We're Ready for Regime Change Too!

We here at Three Imaginary Girls heart grassroots organizations. We, ourselves, have our roots in grass. Wait a minute, that didn't sound right… What we're trying to say here is, we support creative endeavors borne out of the desire to make the world a better place. So when local political organization No Vote Left Behind […]

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Hey Hey We're the Bushies

Now that John Kerry has more or less officially become the nominee of his party, prominent Democrats, including former primary opponents, are closing ranks behind him. Just days after attacking Kerry’s economic policies and attempting to delineate the differences between them, John Edwards, in a whiplash turnaround, started stumping for his "good friend." Howard Dean, […]

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Three Imaginary Girls to Host Second Annual Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction Bash

Seattle, WA, May 13, 2004 — You've seen William Hung sing 'She Bangs' and George W. Bush sing 'Gay Bar.' But have you seen Sean Nelson sing 'Like a Virgin?' You could., "Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press," will be hosting a Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction Bash on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at the Crocodile […]

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TIG says: Marriage Rights for All

We Imaginary Girls heart pink. Pink is cute, girlie, sparkly, and retro — all things treasured by all those imaginary. Yet this past May Day we found ourselves speculating how shades of pink can convey ranges of emotion, when thousands of {extremely non-pink} individuals invaded Seattle by the busload to stand up for the so-called […]

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