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Arty Boys

The Three Imaginary Girls are vain. So when an incredibly talented local artist paints a picture of us, we glow. And of course, then we write about it. Meet Matthew "Joematt" Parker: painter, lover, friend. For this show, Matthew found inspiration in those around him, documenting his friends in various haunts around the city. We […]

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Wheel of Fortune!

8998239 Omigod. This number could be the key to realizing my childhood fantasy: appearing on a game show (see also Elimidate Review for further substaniation of this statement). Omigod. Omigod. Omigod. Allow me to clarify: they are going to pick two people at random to audition for the next show. Ooh! Me me me!! Brown […]

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If we ever needed further proof that we are witnessing the hastened decline of our oh-so-evolved civilization, I offer you: Elimidate. Move over, Dating Game, now there's something meatier… For those who consider themselves too highbrow to descend to watching dating programs on TV… good for you! For the rest of us… Fucking A, ELIMIDATE […]

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It's MY Party

"Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry" "Come to wish me an unhappy birthday" "Like a birthday, or a pretty view" Etc etc… The theme of growing another year older is a popular one for new wave pop, apparently. Such was the case last Friday night, when I had the auspicious […]

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Top Five Reasons why all KEXP fans should boycott the Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players

For your reading pleasure, here is the original email I sent to John Richards on May 29, 2002 Top Five Reasons why all KEXP fans should boycott the Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players: They proclaimed their Saturday night performance as an "anti-KEXP rally," that was, "staged as a direct protest to the John Richards sponsored […]

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