Tonight in Seattle:  

Long Winters live DVD due 12/9

I am certain this will make a few people out here very happy.

It was mentioned here a year and a half ago - The Long Winters' homecoming show at the Showbox at the Market from April of 2007 was being recorded for a DVD. It now has an official release date of Tuesday, December 9.

The show was recorded by Dorsia Films and in the interest of full disclosure, the filmmaker, Adam Pranica, has been a very dear friend for several years. I know he is also hard at work on a documentary of The Long Winters called Through With Love.

I'm hoping we can have a review of the live DVD very soon. I'll post more details as I learn them but you can check the Dorsia Films website and blog for more information. You can also pre-order the DVD through Amazon here.

In the meantime, here's the trailer:

...and here's my favorite photo from that show (taken by the lovely Sarah Joann Murphy):


I stumbled across that documentary link a while back and I was wondering when this was going to drop - awesome! between this and the DCfC re-release tomorrow, I'm just about bouncing off the walls! sweet!

any idea when the actual documentary will be out?

i was merch girl that night!

congrats to adam for making these things happen! <3

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