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Carlotta's Late Night Wing Ding

Christmastimes of my youth were spent at my Granny Earlene's house in Locust Grove, Arkansas. A three-hour drive from my childhood hometown took us to a different world — there were goats and chickens and horses and a pond, neighbors with big farm equipment and dusty John Deere baseball caps, and Granny's little roadside shop […]

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Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2002

A punky blue-haired music store employee gets butt nekkid in the front yard of a straight-laced admirer. A gay Brit has to "come out" to his activist mother about shagging a female friend. The most beloved rockin’ transsexual this side of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is demystified. Just a few of the sights and […]

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Horns and Halos

I am not a film fanatic. Sure, I enjoy the occasional foreign film, documentary, or Owen Wilson movie, but I am far from being able to talk intelligently about a Kurosawa resurgence or the latest Brad Pitt movie. So, if I proclaim that a film has inspired me to want to see it again, you […]

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