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Don't miss: Quasi at the Tractor {Friday}

Okay. Seriously, can we talk about this for a minute, imaginary friends? Quasi are playing The Tractor on Friday. QUASI. TRACTOR. FRIDAY. FUCK. Janet Weiss AND Sam Coomes AND that almost-untouchable, best-pairing-since-chocolate-and-peanut-butter vibe, AND a new album (Mole City), and I think our faces just got rocked off before we could even a parking spot […]

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Is the comedy album dead?

Nope! The comedy album is not dead. It probably should be, as almost every comedian has a podcast or YouTube channel now, or is appearing on three podcasts and talk shows and in festival line-ups this very week. But an album — the format of audio-based long-playing something or other, usually music, but then allowing […]

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Three from the Stacks: Imaginary Amie's CD Picks

It's time once again to bring some good stuff to your attention! This list is compiled from purchased CDs and things grabbed from the Imaginary mailbag (Have I mentioned lately how much I love writing for TIG? Because I do. I truly, truly do). The Drums – Portamento: Look, it's no secret that I've been […]

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Beauty Parlor: hey, all you pretty things! {new record review column}

I’m going to start this new “album round up” for Three Imaginary Girls with the above recent You Tube video for Sean Rowe‘s “Jonathan”: (1.) Because I think it’s the best song off of his recent Magic album (recently given full treatment here) and though it’s been out a while the video is new. More-so, […]

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Recommended all ages show: The Thermals @Neumos {Friday, 1/21}

[Video:] Another discovery via my boyfriend – I love, love, LOVE the way this Portland band rocks my socks off! I can’t really put a label on what they do (they call it indie/alternative/pop-post-punk, so I guess they can’t either), all I know is: it is awesome. Watching them live in this KEXP video at […]

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20 words each on 11 of the Best Releases of 2010

{Shabazz Palaces photo from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Pool by Jason Tang} Through sheer quirk of fate and possibly my own fatally quirky tastes, the top spots for my four favorite records of the year were given to two separate EPs by two different bands. I’m going to start my Top 20 of 2011 list […]

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Bumbershoot 2010: Album 101 Prep for Recommended Artists

It is sheer madness that there are so many great live performers appearing at Bumbershoot 2010 this year. This is my personal schedule to see a cross-section of irascible indie-ness (be it indie pop-friendly Pac NW hip-hop, indie rock, Brooklyn funk, etc.) but mostly focusing on those TIG-sparking artists who either put out a great […]

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Imaginary Crafty Listening Party with brand new albums by The Thermals and Superchunk

{Thermals photo: Westin Glass / Superchunk photo: Jason Arthurs} Last month’s Imaginary Crafty Listening Party was bumpin with Lo & Behold Shrie teaching us all how to embroider {and armed us with TIG birdies to practice on} while we blissed out to the new Darren Hanlon and Menomena albums. Join us Sunday, September 12th from […]

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