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"In the End" by Green Day

It's either funny or pretty predictable that a large number of my high-school punk-rock memories involve truancy of some form or another. Maybe I just took that Skip Off School to See the Damned album title to heart a little too much. One of the first discussions I ever had about punk rock and major-label […]

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"Baby, Let's Rock!" by Zwan

Oh man, Zwan. What the hell. Need I remind you, Mr. Corgan, that you're the man responsible for Melloncollie and the Infinite Sadness? Remember that album? Full of dark, sad, moody pre-emo rock songs, a band of freaks prancing around in black lace and top hats and all manner of melodramatic nonesense? Or what about […]

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A Mix of New Music Found While Clearing Off Erik Gonzalez's Desk

(Somewhere deep within the TIG Fortress) Ah, there is nothing like that feeling you get when you have it all under control. Finally, I can sit back, relax and really start to enjoy 2006. Sure, it took a little while to get things under control but now I can focus on writing quality reviews of […]

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Top 50 Northwest Releases of 2004: the Imaginary Readers' Poll Results {50-41}

#50 Argo — Jetpacks for Everyone (Ana-Them Records) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}   #49 The Purrs — No Particular Bar, No Particular Town (self-released) {official website} * {buy it}   #48 Rochester Fosgate — Rochester Fosgate (Smooth Excavator) {official website} * {buy it} *   #47 These Arms Are Snakes — […]

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