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Lost in the Stacks: 2012 music I’m getting around to now, pt. I

What. More things from 2012? Haven’t you gotten around to the 2013 stacks? Why yes, yes I have—I just haven’t had proper time to listen to them, while this batch of things has been drifting around in my iTunes playlist for awhile and has gotten plenty of spin time. Dear bands, please accept my apologies […]

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Beauty Parlor: hey, all you pretty things! {new record review column}

I’m going to start this new “album round up” for Three Imaginary Girls with the above recent You Tube video for Sean Rowe‘s “Jonathan”: (1.) Because I think it’s the best song off of his recent Magic album (recently given full treatment here) and though it’s been out a while the video is new. More-so, […]

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Spark & Shine new releases and August shows from Rusty Willoughby/Brent Amaker & the Rodeo

We don’t usually do full on label hype here at Three Imaginary Girls, as we tend to be more artist or song/album focused, but two noteworthy new releases are coming up with stunning shows behind them. And so to massacre a murder of honky-tonking crows with one big blogging, let’s dive into the August (live […]

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What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here


This Seattle-based British Invasion-meets-Beach Boys five-piece initially got my attention by being named (probably coincidentally) the same as a title by one of the very best power pop bands of all time, The Only Ones. But Matthew and Mikey Gervais (guitar/lead vocals, guitar/sax vocals, respectively), Nick Holman (bass, something called a euphonium, vocals), Peter Fedofsky […]

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