Sasquatchin’ Day 3: Out With A Roar, Not A Wimper

I didn’t realize until I was deep in it, but Sunday was packed with more acts that I wanted to see and/or photograph than any other day. Considering there’s more music on Saturday, that’s a pretty hefty feat. Who was I excited about? Japanese Breakfast, Tank and the Bangas, Jacob Banks, Phoebe Bridgers, Alex Lahey, […]

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Jason Mantzoukas and Tony Revolori in The Long Dumb Road

SIFF Review: The Long Dumb Road

The Long Dumb Road is, mostly, great fun. So let’s start with the great fun, but stay tuned for that “mostly,” because it’s a big one. The movie, directed by Hannah Fidell, is a worthy iteration of the mismatched buddy road-trip comedy with the added bonus of starring two comedic actors—Jason Mantzoukas from The Good […]

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Naples in Veils

SIFF 2018: week three highlights

A buzzy comedy debut by Boots Riley, a tidy British melodrama starring m’lady Emma Thompson, and an irresistibly glorious Italian murder-mystery are among the must-sees of SIFF 2018’s final week and closing weekend (6/1 – 6/10). DON’T MISS: The Children Act {6/3 12p Uptown} Emma Thompson’s beautifully restrained performance elevates this (mostly) intriguing BBC Films production, […]

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Sasquatchin’ Day 2: The Heat Won’t Stop Us

I was looking for the reprieve of a cooler day according to the forecast, even though the day before had been pretty nice and breezy, but that’s not what mother nature had in store. Even at the first set of the day, folks were seeking out the shade wherever they could, even if it wasn’t […]

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Anita, Little Tito, and Uncle Tito in front of a pop-up sci-fi tent

SIFF Take: Little Tito and the Aliens

Anita and Tito’s loving and eccentric father has recently died, and he’s sent them to live with their significantly more eccentric uncle who’s stranded himself very deliberately out in the desert near Area 51 to do either Mysterious Scientific Things or possibly Nothing Much (it’s hard to say), and who is in nearly as much […]

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Nico on stage

SIFF Review: Nico, 1988

First, let’s talk about the movie. Then let’s talk about a little bit about feminist film. Ok, so do you know who Nico is? I’ve been sort of aware of her forever but I’m not steeped in Nico lore, so if you’re an acolyte already, you can skip ahead a bit. Or just skip this […]

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TIG’s Upstream Music Fest 2018 Picks!

Somehow this thing is happening again! Not to say last year’s wasn’t fun, but just a bit… financially floppy? Logistically loopy? Understandable for an ambitious inaugural event with over 200 acts, though. I’m curious to see what does and doesn’t work this time ‘round. But most importantly, the lineup is brimming with some of the […]

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