The Gossip

Show Date: July 14, 2002

I first saw The Gossip at the last Block Party, when they played live for KEXP, and was totally impressed with their energy. John Richards (who was on the air at the time) still hasn't stopped gushing about their set. With good reason. The Gossip are the greatest thing to happen to punk rock since […]

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Oh, Has the World Changed or Have I Changed?

Show Date: July 7, 2002

It was a week of nostalgia for Imaginary Girl Dana, with the Flock of DJ sponsored Smiths-fest at i-Spy, including all-star Smiths cover band, The Unlovables… plus — a pocketful of Posies fans at the Fremont Fair…. What's this? A DJ playing all Smiths songs, all night… and a Smiths cover band, too?? My God. […]

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Show Date: July 4, 2002

We're not much for fireworks. So instead of staring skyward this July 4th, imaginary girl friend Marlene and I headed to the Wasabi Bistro (not that place again!) for sustenance, and then arrived at the Crocodile to hear local up-and-coming band Yeek Yak Airforce. There we were, music reviewers with pens and pads in hand, […]

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Visqueen, with Crictor

Show Date: July 3, 2002

{gush} I can't count the number of Mandrin and sodas that Kim Warnick has poured for me at the Cha Cha. At least fifty. Eighty? One hundred? As I said, I couldn't count. Of course, I know who she is; founding member of the Fastbacks, the former Mrs. Ken Stringfellow, friend-apparent to music writer Kathleen […]

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Top Five Reasons why all KEXP fans should boycott the Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players

For your reading pleasure, here is the original email I sent to John Richards on May 29, 2002 Top Five Reasons why all KEXP fans should boycott the Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players: They proclaimed their Saturday night performance as an "anti-KEXP rally," that was, "staged as a direct protest to the John Richards sponsored […]

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Carissa's Wierd: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Show Date: June 14, 2002

Yes, the Three Imaginary Girls are such HUGE Carissa's Wierd fans that when we found out they were playing material from their upcoming release, we got tickets for both shows! Friday night they played at Chop Suey, Saturday night they played an all-ages show at the Paradox. Philadelphia band Boxstep played with them at both […]

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