SIFF 2017

 The 43rd Seattle International Film Festival begins Thursday, May 18 with a screening of The Big Sick, followed by the Opening Night Gala!!!

Our imaginary team {Amie, Michael, Roxie, Jean & Rich!} will be digging into the schedule of over 400 films and covering as many as we possibly can. Stay tuned for ALL THE SIFF things — they’ll appear on this page as we work our way through the festival.

Happy SIFF’ing!

SIFF Opening Night Gala: The Big Sick

SIFF 2017 Preview: Face the Music
SIFF 2017 Preview: Northwest Connections
SIFF 2017 Preview: The Farthest
SIFF 2017 Preview: Dina 

SIFF 2017: Week One Highlights
SIFF 2017: Week Two Highlights

SIFF Review: Afterimage
SIFF Review: Time Trap

SIFF Take: Dean
SIFF Take: Landline
SIFF Take: The Little Hours
SIFF Take: Terror 5

Recommended SIFF: An Afternoon with Sam Elliott