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Elisabeth Moss in Her Smell directed by Alex Ross Perry

Her Smell

It still feels rare and precious to see a movie that is headlined by a complex female lead and Elisabeth Moss CRUSHES that part in Her Smell as Becky Something, a ‘90s-era superstar who emotionally implodes at the height of fame, taking everyone around her out as she cannonballs towards her bottom. Told in five […]

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Courtesy of Petri Entertainment

The Funhouse Massacre

“It’s not like the Funhouse is creepily positioned in the middle of nowhere with only a broken-down asylum nearby, haunted by the ghosts of its dead, deranged inmates …what’s there to be afraid of? Come on!” Except it’s totally like that. The Funhouse Massacre unleashes a posse of the most dangerous serial killers on the local […]

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