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Tullycraft - The Railway Prince Hotel. Photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Favorite Album Alert: Tullycraft – The Railway Prince Hotel (and an awesome new video!)

Thanks to my extremely close relationship with each member of Tullycraft, I’ve been lucky enough to listen to their latest batch of songs on repeat for a while now. I’ve been counting the days until I get to discuss the band’s new songs with you and so I’m overjoyed to finally make a huge headline […]

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Interpol - Marauder

Marauder by Interpol

Interpol’s last attempt at experimenting, their 2010 self-titled, face planted. During the recording of that record the band’s bassist Carlos Dengler left the group and the three remaining members salvaged what they could from those sessions. It’s not a terrible album, it just doesn’t hold up alongside the rest of the group’s discography. El Pintor, […]

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