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Bumbershoot preview: UH HUH HER

UH HUH HER sounds nothing like the inspiration for the band’s name, the Polly Jean Harvey album from 2004. Instead, they would fit more at home on a bill with other synth-dance pop bands like Client or Ladytron (coincidentally, UH HUH HER and Ladytron are labelmates on Nettwerk). When the essential-reading UK website Popjustice named […]

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Bumbershoot preview: The Beta Society

The Beta Society’s been getting a ton of press lately, so no doubt you’ve heard of them – they’re the group of friends who rented an 80s style mansion so they could live together 24/7 for the express purpose of creating stuff. What kind of stuff? It’s a little hard to explain (and much better […]

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Bumbershoot preview: 1 Reel Film Festival, Sunday

12-1pm: Films4Families: This Youngershoot package includes the must-see cleverly animated short, Western Spaghetti. 1-2pm: Fly Films SIFF 2009:  With 4 days to shoot and 5 days to edit on B&W 16mm film, 4 filmmakers turned out 4 amazing shorts covering everything from blackmail (Black Coffee) to a creepy tale involving the monorail (Safe Passage). 2-3pm: […]

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