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Why $H!+ So Crazy?


Some comedians talk about taking mushrooms and having cosmic experiences (we miss you, Bill Hicks), and some artists make music that sounds great if you’re either on psilocybin or simply amped on free flowing imagination. Comic and musician Reggie Watts is like a giant fungi who giggles in several dimensions as we chew on him, […]

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The Soft Rock Kid at ACT Theatre – February 19th – 27th

I got this e-mail from Mark Siano recently about his final production as Mark Siano and the Freedom Dancers.  This show looks really cool so you should check it out! Next Friday we are opening the REALLY BIG SHOW!  Holy Wow!  You gotta see this thing, it is the most entertaining, energetic, and ambitious show […]

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Creature Comforts: RIP, appointment TV

Creature Comforts began in 1989 as a short film by British artist Nick Park. In it, claymation animals in a zoo were matched with the voices of ordinary British citizens talking about their homes… and the result was nothing short of brilliant. You may know Mr. Park best as the mastermind behind Wallace & Gromit; […]

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The Landlord

If you haven't seen this ingenious short starring Will Ferrell and the cutest wee alcoholic proprietor ever, please do so. Now. "I need to get my drink on." UPDATE: Looks like YouTube took the link down. Try this link.

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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

I'm completely smitten with this long-lost '70s show, and with the first of what will be a 13-volume full-series DVD set. Set in the fictional small town of Fernwood, Ohio, the series starred Louise Lasser (a former Mrs. Woody Allen, and a regular in his earlier films) in the title role, plus Dody Goodman as her hilariously […]

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For Your Consideration

Christopher Guest's latest comic masterwork departs a bit from the loose mockumentary format of Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. There are plenty of moments of outrageous hilarity, but in telling the story of a downward-spiral of narcissism that grips the cast of an overblown indie flick, Guest delivers a relatively […]

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