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Solomon Kane

{Solomon Kane opens in Seattle on Friday, 9/28, and is screening at Sundance Cinemas Seattle} Of course I’m going to volunteer to see a period piece (kind of) starring James “smoldering eyes” Purefoy as a swashbuckling, demon-fighting hero. Of. Course. Based on a popular pulp character from Weird Tales magazine in the 20s, Solomon Kane […]

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One Imaginary Showing Only! Help Bring Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope to Seattle

Hey Imaginaries! I'm trying something new with the website Tugg.com and wanted to be sure folks knew about it. For some reason that's a little hard to comprehend, Seattle didn't have a full theatrical run of the new Morgan Spurlock documentary about the San Diego Comic-con. The film follows a set of distinct fans through a pilgrimage to […]

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Worthy of an Imaginary Shout-out: Bobtail Yearlings scores a comic book about a biophysicist !?!?!

Sometimes, my dear Imaginary friends, you come across something so unique and completely awesome that you have to share it right away – which is the case with this Bobtail Yearlings thing that ended up in my hands.  I say "thing" because I've never seen anything quite like it. Singer/songwriter Bennett Lin put together a […]

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"You Got Your Booze In My Comics!" Backroom Comics Podcast live July 12 at Solo

Seattle is a big comics AND music town; besides musicians putting out their own comics and slinking around both sides of the counter at comic stores, and whole bands working in the Fantagraphics warehouse at times, there is almost a mutual fandom for both. That connection has been helped out with bright, dapper promoters like […]

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