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Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, inside the Tractor this Friday

There’s a little band making their way up from Portland this Friday, to open up for Southern Culture on the Skids at the Tractor. They’re called Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and if you haven’t heard them yet — well, look out. You’re in for a treat. [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-Z3gB6pfIA] I had the pleasure of catching […]

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Setting the Paces for BOAT's Setting the Paces: An engineer-on-engineer conversation

Pale Pacific-er and all around engineer super-star Cam Niklaus sat down with Dave Crane (aka D. Crane, guitar/bass/vocals/songwriting) and Jackson Long (aka J. Long, drumming/recording) for some insight into the world of reptile boy vocals and redefining imperfect pop on their latest release Setting the Paces. Cam Niklaus (CN): Could you give us a brief […]

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Round 52, Fremont Abbey Arts Center: Hey Marseilles is my new favorite band.

I’ve spend the better part of the last half-hour trying to find words for the mindblowing goodness that went down at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center last night, and my keyboard is failing me. So here’s the straight business: Hey Marseilles is my new favorite band. Sallie Ford is my new favorite awkwardly gorgeous young […]

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Photoessay: So happy to be sad with the Avett Brothers & Heartless Bastards

Show Date: August 28, 2009

Ever since I caught wind of “Tear Down the House” off of 2008’s The Second Gleam, I’ve had a thing for the Avett Brothers. They’re alt.americana without too much hippie folk, a deconstructed version of a front porch jugband full of new-old soul singers, a sort of modernized country-toned heartbreak festival without a single strum […]

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