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Activist Dolores Huerta speaking into a megaphone

Recommended SIFF: Dolores {May 29, June 3}

“You can’t make change if you’re not willing to give something up.” –Dolores Huerta Profoundly inspirational. Profoundly. Dolores is a moving and fascinating documentary chronicling a seminal and currently all-too-relevant time in our country’s history through the story of one of its principle architects, the should-be-but-isn’t-legendary activist and mother of 11, Dolores Huerta. In the […]

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Lane 1974

SIFF 2017 Preview: Northwest Connections

Get your calendars out and get ready to plan your screenings of NW films this year! Northwest Connections at SIFF honors films that are connected to the Puget Sound region—celebrating cinema filmed in and around Seattle, local filmmakers, and local actors. Helmed by The Stranger Genius Award winner Webster Crowell, Rocketmen looks like a fun time. […]

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Suzanne Ciani

SIFF 2017 Preview: Face the Music

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! The 43rd Seattle International Film Festival kicks off this Thursday night, and TIG is stoked to see all the amaze Face the Music screenings they have lined up. Documentaries reign supreme this year, covering everything from EDM to opera—plus there’s a few incredible live events lined up […]

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© 2015 A Ticklish Tale Limited


{Tickled opens in Seattle for an exclusive engagement Friday, July 1 at Landmark’s Guild 45th Theatre} Oh dear. I wasn’t quite prepared to fall down the rabbit hole of cat-fishing craziness Tickled is. The genesis of this film started with New Zealand television journalist David Farrier investigating a story on “Competitive Endurance Tickling,” which led him […]

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A drawing of J.R. Binkley


NUTS! is an exuberant, improbable documentary about a fellow—J. R. Binkley—who claimed to be able to cure impotence by grafting goat testicles onto human ones. Archival footage and fabulous animation (by a different artist for each chapter) intertwine with commentary in a deliciously manipulative narrative that skillfully exposes much about America via the shenanigans of […]

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Photo courtesy Raiders Guys Facebook Page

Raiders! The Interview: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala

As mentioned earlier this week, Northwest Film Forum screened a double feature of Raiders! The Adaptation, and the new documentary about it, Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, last night {Thursday, 6/2}. Raiders Guys Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala were there to present both films, as Seattle was the kick-off of their “Raiders Follow Your Dreams Tour.” […]

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Members of the Pistol Shrimps lined up in a V-formation. Aubrey Plaza is in front, holding a basketball.

Recommended SIFF: The Pistol Shrimps

You’ll laugh! You’ll keep laughing! You’ll want to go join a rec league! The Pistol Shrimps is equal parts hysterically funny and legit inspirational. A group of women with decidedly unathletic day jobs (lawyer, model, musician, being Aubrey Plaza, Drunk History) got together to form a rec league in LA with basketball credentials that included […]

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LUCERNE FESTIVAL am Piano: Klavier-Konzert 2: Leif Ove Andsnes dirigiert vom Klavier aus das Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Beethovens Klavier-Konzerten 1 und 5.
Luzern, den 26.11.2014
Copyright: LUCERNE FESTIVAL/ Priska Ketterer

SIFF Take: Concerto: A Beethoven Journey

Ludwig van Beethoven, in his early career, was far better known as a pianist than as a composer. He began performing when he was around 7, and by the time he was in his early 20s he’d established himself as a skilled improviser in Vienna, a town that at the time was like Hollywood for […]

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Rainbow Time

Recommended SIFF: three picks for this weekend

SIFF 2016 has officially started! There is almost TOO MUCH film goodness to choose from this weekend — but here are my top three must-sees: Rainbow Time {Screening Friday, May 20, 9:15pm and again Saturday, May 21, 2:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Director Linas Phillips, Producer Ian Michaels, and Cinematographer Nathan Miller scheduled to attend both screenings!} So it […]

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