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LUCERNE FESTIVAL am Piano: Klavier-Konzert 2: Leif Ove Andsnes dirigiert vom Klavier aus das Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Beethovens Klavier-Konzerten 1 und 5.
Luzern, den 26.11.2014
Copyright: LUCERNE FESTIVAL/ Priska Ketterer

SIFF Take: Concerto: A Beethoven Journey

Ludwig van Beethoven, in his early career, was far better known as a pianist than as a composer. He began performing when he was around 7, and by the time he was in his early 20s he’d established himself as a skilled improviser in Vienna, a town that at the time was like Hollywood for […]

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Rainbow Time

Recommended SIFF: three picks for this weekend

SIFF 2016 has officially started! There is almost TOO MUCH film goodness to choose from this weekend — but here are my top three must-sees: Rainbow Time {Screening Friday, May 20, 9:15pm and again Saturday, May 21, 2:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Director Linas Phillips, Producer Ian Michaels, and Cinematographer Nathan Miller scheduled to attend both screenings!} So it […]

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The Night Stalker

SIFF 2016 Preview: Northwest Connections

I really, really love that we have such an amazing local film scene in the Pacific Northwest, and I really, really, REALLY love that SIFF programs with this in mind. Here’s a look at what’s happening in the Northwest Connections section of this year’s fest. First up, the latest from Seattle genuis Megan Griffiths: The Night Stalker, starring Lou […]

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A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF 2016 Preview: Face the Music

We’re all VERY excited about SIFF o’er here in TIG-land, and most especially excited about the 2016 Face the Music screenings! The theme of this year is the all-mighty “Documentary,” featuring eight films that span genres from hip-indie tunes to ’60s hits, hard rock, and classical piano. Check out the history behind the longest-running music program in television history […]

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Cartel Land SIFF 2015

SIFF Take: Cartel Land

A documentary about a Mexican vigilante group fighting drug cartels! And: a documentary about the Arizona Border Recon fighting drug cartels! And: a story about how hopeless it is to fight drug cartels! It’s really hard to take your eyes off Cartel Land—even when you might need to (re: graphic images of cartel victims). The […]

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SIFF 2015 Preview: Face the Music

Forgive me for chiming in a little late on ALL THE SIFF THINGS, but [I could insert many, many excuses here – but let’s just chalk it up to go old procrastination] better late than never, right?! This year’s Seattle International Film Festival kicked off Thursday night and I wanted make sure y’all had a […]

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SIFF 2014: Week Three Highlights

SIFF 2014 is lurching along into its final week, and there’s still time to catch up on your cinema (over)consumption if you’ve yet to partake. I can’t protect you from the well-meaning but terrible pre-film bumpers imposed on audiences at each screening — the membership and Egyptian ones are particularly egregious, more so when viewed more than one time […]

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SIFF double take: Muse of Fire and The Search for General Tso

Examine, if you will, two documentaries very similar in tone and structure: upbeat, pleasant, and curious. One asks a very large question: How do you make Shakespeare relevant to contemporary audiences? The other asks a small one: Where did General Tso’s chicken come from? One is populated with some of the most talented actors of […]

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