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Room 237 a documentary about The Shining

Room 237

{Room 237 opens in Seattle on Friday, 4/5 and is screening at SIFF Uptown Cinemas through 4/11. Director Rodney Ascher will be on Skype for a Q&A after the 6:45pm showings on both Friday and Saturday night—and you can catch a screening of The Shining directly after the documentary on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday} “This […]

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The American Scream

{The American Scream screens at the Grand Illusion Cinema on Saturday, October 6 at 9pm and 11pm as part of their Curse of All Monsters Attack! Program this month} The American Scream is one of those amazingly awesome documentaries full of people that make you cry because they are so damn passionate about what they’re […]

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Pay attention to the soul-shaking ideas of Simone Weil at the Northwest Film Forum {9/24-27}

{The Seattle premiere of An Encounter with Simone Weil is at The Northwest Film Forum Monday, 9/24, and it screens through Thursday, 9/27. The Thursday showing includes a special introduciton by The Stranger editor Chrisopher Frizelle.}  Totally intense philosopher, political agent, and spiritual worker Simone Weil was sort of the Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, and Dave Bazan […]

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Side by Side

{Side by Side screens at Grand Illusion Cinema from August 31- September 6} If you can get past the halting way in which Keanu Reeves narrates this thing, Side by Side is a really enjoyable trip through the history of filmmaking with a lot of different filmmakers offering diverse opinions on film vs. digital, visual […]

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The Imposter

{The Imposter screens at SIFF Cinema Uptown starting today, Friday, 8/10, through Thursday, 8/16} By all accounts, Direct Bart Layton's documentary The Imposter is so crazy, you have to see it to believe it. And those accounts aren't wrong. I agree, with enthusiasm, that this is possibly the craziest documentary I've ever seen. A 13-year-old […]

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{#ReGeneration opens in Seattle on Friday, 5/4, and is screening at the SIFF Film Center through 5/10} I gotta give the filmmakers credit for snagging everybody’s favorite 6-pack internet meme good-looking do-gooder, Ryan Gosling, to narrate #ReGeneration. That said, he doesn’t narrate a WHOLE lot of it. And his pretty face is not seen on screen. […]

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