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Barack Obama's playin' in my house {my house}

President Elect Barack Obama!!!! Don't those words just ring like magic in your ears? How are you feeling today? Consider this an open thread to share your thoughts/scoop about the parties from last night. Also consider this the end of the imaginary Election 2008 political coverage. Our work here is done; from now on, we will […]

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OMFG Penn and NH!!!!

Um, i'm already a wee bit tipsy and giddy but…. New Hampshire and Penn? Doesn't that mean… that we won?? I'm guardedly EXTREMELY EXCITED. Consider this your election night open thread, if for some reason you're on TIG and not say, Daily Kos or Slog or Wonkette. WOOOOOOOOT! 

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Nate Silver at 538 has calculated the last of the polls, and returned with his lowest numbers for McCain yet. He now has Obama's likely win percentage at 98.9% That, of course, leaves McCain with a 1.1% chance for victory tonight. Doesn't this image just put a spring in your step?   Let's hope Nate […]

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Election Day Countdown: GO VOTE!!!

It's finally here. Voting day. I AM GIDDY with excitement. Wearing red, white, and blue even. That's how big a dork I am. I went and dropped off our absentee ballots right when the poll opens at 7a. There was a line around the building. How about all of you? Are you seeing huge wait […]

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Obama's grandmother dies

Damn, this is sad: Barack Obama's grandmother just passed away from cancer at age 86, within hours of her grandson (likely) getting elected President of the United States. What a crazy mix of emotions he must be feeling. Anxiety, excitement, and now, intense grief. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it. And this […]

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Election Day Countdown: 2 days to go

Two. More. Days. 48 hours. That's when we get to vote in our new President. My thoughts this weekend have turned to early elections, outcomes, and alternate realities. What if, back in 2000, Florida hadn't effed everything up? What if we had (rightfully) elected President Gore? Think about how things might have played out differently. […]

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Election Day Countdown: 3 days to go

You may notice I've skipped the 4-day check-in. I've decided to move my final updates to the morning, as the countdown makes more sense that way. So consider this your 3-4-days-to-go blog post! The big news for today: there was no October Surprise. It's November 1st. I don't know about you, but that's a huge […]

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Election Day Countdown: 5 days to go

Let's jump right in… The Economist endorses Obama. Brits with money think Obama's the man for the job. Read this one; it has some great insight. (Economist) Palin popularity plummets (and other alliterations). Palin's Alaska popularity rating drops from 90 to 60 percent since her run for VP.  (News Miner) Will your vote make a […]

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