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Dre’zy and Too Smoove at EMP's Sound Off 2016. Photo courtesy of EMP staff

Looking forward to the Sound Off! 2016 Finals after my mind was blown last weekend

I had the extreme honor of being a judges this past Saturday at the last semifinal round in this year’s EMP’s Sound Off!. I knew I had my work cut out for me. Every Sound Off! show I’ve seen over the last 15 years has featured one astounding young band after another.  After all, bands […]

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the guitar tornado at the Experience Music Project by John Seb Barber / CC BY

Seattle’s most epic night of 2016 (so far): Quasi, Cave Singers, Sound Off!, Viva Vera, and more

It’s only this past week that it feels like 2016 has kicked into high gear. A lot of highly recommendable shows are being added to this town’s concert calendar every day – both in the near and far future. It’s going to be difficult to juggle all the fun of shows and new music headed […]

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Hear the next big thing now! EMP’s Sound Off! 2016!

The EMP’s annual Sound Off! competition puts a spotlight on our area’s abounding riches of talented all ages bands (rules are: under 21 and live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia). It’s a best of the battle of the bands – taking out the “Mean Girls popularity” quotient, and rewarding those with the creative […]

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Newsmash: Thoughts about caucuses, favorite songs, and reasons to leave the house

Hello dear February and all that you’ve brought with you this week! Political things are kicking up and getting real with all kinds of insanity and importance. Have you caucused before? I remember the first caucus I went to back in 2004. Thank goodness I had the guide that our pal Lawrence put together for […]

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EMP Soundoff Finals Week Uno

Show Date: February 9, 2008

Hosted by 107.7’s DJ Harms, EMP’s annual SoundOff kicked things into high gear. Straws were drawn, play order was determined, and all four bands put on shows that truly embodied the spirit of the all ages crowd…energetic, spunky, and ridiculously talented. New Faces The New Faces are more than likely new sounds for your old […]

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Finish up your Sound Off application this weekend!

This is your last weekend to put the finishing touches on your Sound Off! application! The deadline for entries is Thursday, November 15th. Sound Off!, the Northwest's largest underage battle of the bands competition, is for musicians from Portland to Vancouver who are 21. Applicants should submit demos of their original music. Twelve semi-finalists will […]

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