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Whitney Houston


{Whitney opens in Seattle this Friday, July 6} I’ll admit that before seeing Whitney, I only had the broad strokes of who Whitney Houston was in my head: 80s hitmaker; The Bodyguard megastar; wife to a toxic, abusive husband; that awful “Crack is whack” interview with Diane Sawyer; and a tragic death caused by years […]

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SIFF Take: Good Manners

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what I was in for with Good Manners. Rich society girl Ana is expecting, and hires Clara, a struggling nurse, to help her with housework until the baby comes and then fill in as the child’s nanny. Ana and Clara hit it off almost immediately, and a relationship blooms — […]

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SIFF Take: Ruin Me

So Ruin Me is basically my worst nightmare, and the reason you’ll NEVER, ever, ever find me signing up for one of those haunted house/campouts that take place in a remote area. This clever horror flick finds recovering addict Alexandra headed to Slasher Sleepout with her horror movie-obsessed boyfriend, Nathan, in which they are “kidnapped” […]

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Hereditary Movie


{Hereditary opens in Seattle Friday, June 8} There are horror films that are meant to f*ck you up, and then there is Hereditary — which, IMO, is in a category all on its own. Artist Annie Graham (Toni Collette) has just lost her mom, and is dealing with a lot of complicated feelings around loss, […]

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Blue My Mind

SIFF Take: Blue My Mind

Mia’s a 15-year-old just like any other; she wants to hang with the popular girls, smoke cigarettes, make out with boys, drink, drop molly, and asphyxiate her friends for pleasure — HOLD UP A MINUTE. Either some things have changed dramatically since I was a teen, or Swiss teenagers are into some really kinky stuff. […]

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Revenge SIFF 2018

SIFF Review: Revenge

HolyCRAP. I was not expecting Revenge to live up to its amazing hype, but it is absolutely worthy of every single bit of praise its getting from critics and fans. Aspiring actress Jen (Matilda Lutz – who was great in the otherwise dreadful Rings, but is AMAZING here) arrives with her super-rich, married boyfriend at […]

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