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The Magdalene Sisters

When we first meet Bernadette (fantastic Nora-Jane Noone), two young girls are competing over which will have the privilege of brushing her lovely dark hair — a touching, delicately-presented demonstration of admiration. But soon Bernadette has been committed to one of the Magdalene Laundries (correctional convents for "wayward" girls, thus the namesake), and we witness […]

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Swimming Pool

François Ozon is not a household name in the United States, and probably never will be. But I'm here to tell you that the eclectic French filmmaker to whom that moniker belongs has produced some of the most vibrant, disturbing, original cinema of the past decade. If you haven't seen his ruthless and wacky Sitcom, […]

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Intolerable Cruelty

{Editor's note: I don't completely agree with Imaginary Harris' assessment of the new Coen Brothers film Intolerable Cruelty (I think it's definitely lackluster for the usually sparkling Coens, but not a totally wasted effort), and I certainly don't concur about Chicago being obnoxious (in fact, it was one of 2002's best films), but we're all […]

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SIFF 2003 Picks and Previews

SIFF brought me to Seattle. It's true – I came for a visit on opening weekend in May 2000, and by the time the festival had ended that June, I'd moved here permanently. My point? The sheer magnitude of our city's main film event is staggering. SIFF is a colossal mamma jamma! It's the largest […]

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American Splendor

Have you seen Terry Zwigoff's Crumb (freaky doc about underground comic artist R. Crumb) and Ghost World (based on the underground-ish graphic novel by Daniel Clowes)? Well, I'm no comic book expert, but I kept thinking of those two notable flicks as I beheld American Splendor, one of the most inventive films of 2003. 'Tis […]

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I'm not going to let it disappoint me that SIFF's Opening Night selection, the Argentinian flick Valentín, isn't a masterpiece. It's eager to please and it means well – really it does – and I'm sure lots of people will buy into the feel-good Mirimaxiness of it all. But I didn't. Alejandro Agresti's semi-autobiographical tale […]

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I Capture the Castle

In a minute I'll get to gushin' about this beautiful, enchanting film, because I'm chompin' at the bit to heap limitless praise upon it… so I'll just get the minor criticisms out of the way first. There are a few plot obscurities — it's adapted from a lengthy Dodie Smith novel, and at times essential […]

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Down with Love

I love me some Ewan McGregor. He's hot, he's Scottish, he's really quite talented, and he has no qualms about getting all-the-way nekkid for the sake of his art. Or maybe he's just an exhibitionist, but who the hell cares? I'm sure you'll recall that the boy simply could not keep his well-proportioned dingdong in […]

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Finding Nemo

I'm a sucker for Pixar movies, despite the unnecessary Disney cheese that invariably accompanies them. Toy Story II (which included an eye-roller of a Sarah McLachlan song) and Monsters Inc. (even with that cheat of a happy ending) are my favorites. They embody everything good about the big-budget CGI-animation genre: strong characters you believe in, […]

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