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It Movie Pennywise the Clown

It (2017)

{It is screening in Seattle pretty much everywhere, but we recommend seeing it at Seattle Cinerama}  Remember those heady, lazy days with your friends on summer break? The long, sunny bike rides, music blasting from your boombox, picnics by the lake … and that time an ancient soul-eating demon tried to pick you off one […]

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Recommended Event: Bowie Bash at the EMP {10/12}

YOU GUYS. The EMP is pulling out all the stops this month with 31 Days of Halloween events, and the big costume party this year is ALL ABOUT BOWIE! In order to celebrate David Bowie's induciton into the Science Fiction and Fantasty Hall of Fame, they're throwing a Bowie Invades: Fashionably Undead Bash this Saturday, 10/12!  There […]

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A Very Imaginary Guide to Halloween-y Things in Seattle

I love fall. And I REALLY love October, because I LOVE Halloween. I’ve got two boxes full of costumes and decorations that I’m constantly adding to, my pantry is full of everything pumpkin spice, and my DVD shelf is lined with 100 or so horror flicks. And the best thing about all this is: I […]

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The American Scream

{The American Scream screens at the Grand Illusion Cinema on Saturday, October 6 at 9pm and 11pm as part of their Curse of All Monsters Attack! Program this month} The American Scream is one of those amazingly awesome documentaries full of people that make you cry because they are so damn passionate about what they’re […]

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Looking for a great "Hallowindie" Mix

Hello, Imaginary World. I make a point out of living up Halloween each and every year. My annual tradition is to create a Halloween mix CD- not one of those clichè ones with "The Addams Family Theme" and "Monster Mash", but a really good, unique one. My past lists include songs by Depeche Mode The […]

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Pumpkins for Obama

If you still hadn't decided what design will be best for your Jack O' Lantern this year, perhaps consider making a Barack O' Lantern instead, for fun and prizes. Yes We Carve: Download, carve, and share your Barack O' Lantern. Because every pumpkin counts.   There are stencils available if you'd prefer, but originality counts (well, according […]

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Halloween shows and events: let's discuss

It's one week till Halloween night, and mere days till the weekend preceding Halloween. We've already started hearing about loads of Halloween parties and shows (Glen or Glenda, HalloQueen)… but we want to hear from YOU, our smartie-pants imaginary readers, about all the Halloween shows going on in town. Post them to this blog, and […]

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