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Without Name

SIFF Review: Without Name {May 28, June 2, June 4}

I’ve never heard of “hallucinogenic eco-terror” before, but it’s definitely the perfect way to describe Without Name. Surveyor Eric {Alan McKenna. He has such a nice face! I really like his face} heads out into the middle of an Irish forest to escape his falling-apart marriage and try to save his business. The forest is […]

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{Rings is screening in Seattle at Sundance Cinemas, Thornton Place, and Regal Meridian 16} It’s been 12 years since The Ring 2 (TWELVE?!?! YEARS?!?!) so I suppose it was about time for Samara and her f’ed up psychic video feed to resurface, because we need something other than reality to terrify us in 2017 – […]

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SIFF Take: Tag

I’m not even sure how to process the fever dream of a movie that is Tag, but I’ll give it a try. The whole thing starts by introducing us to a busload of schoolgirls who (of course) spend their time teasing each other and starting pillow fights, and quickly turns into a major bloodbath. Mitsuko, the […]

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The Lure

Recommended SIFF: The Lure

For the first 15 minutes of The Lure {Corki Dancingu}, I felt like I was watching a David Lynch movie on Acid. This New Wave musical nightmare romance is about two young mermaid sisters who find themselves in an ’80s style nightclub. When the creeptastic owner suggests they star in a new musical striptease {striptail?} act, they decide to […]

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The Funhouse Massacre

“It’s not like the Funhouse is creepily positioned in the middle of nowhere with only a broken-down asylum nearby, haunted by the ghosts of its dead, deranged inmates …what’s there to be afraid of? Come on!” Except it’s totally like that. The Funhouse Massacre unleashes a posse of the most dangerous serial killers on the local […]

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Crimson Peak

oh.my.god. It’s like Guillermo del Toro reached into my brain and pulled out the perfect nightmare marriage of everything I love and fear and then plopped it on screen in a Victorian Gothic wrapper: A forbidden romance. A murder. A giant, crumbling old mansion. Mysterious family secrets. Really frightening ghosts. And, of course, lots of […]

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SIFF Take: Valley of the Sasquatch

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Forced out of their home and with very little savings left, Roger and his son Michael end up trying to make a home in a rustic—and completely trashed by some kind of wild animal—family cabin. But what’s supposed to be the beginning of a new life turns into a weekend of partying when dad’s abrasive […]

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