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The Dark Horse

Best of SIFF 2015 series {6/12 – 6/15}

Another year, another SIFF, another Best of SIFF program at the Uptown. Once again the intrepid festival programmers have curated a roster of films (13 features and a shorts program) comprised of audience and jury award winners and fest favorites; this year a beloved archival presentation is included as well. So if you procrastinated over […]

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SIFF 2015: Closing Weekend Highlights

OK, SIFF procrastinators, this weekend is your last chance to partake in this year’s grand cinema binge… until the “best of fest” program rolls around next weekend at the Uptown. But who knows what‘ll be included in that lineup. (I’ll preview it for you when I find out.) In the meantime, I can give my […]

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The Dark Horse

SIFF Take: The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is based on the true story of Genesis Potini, a bipolar Maori former chess champion. His older brother, the only one who can secure his release from the mental hospital, has had his own choices whittled away by extreme poverty until only compromise remains. The outside, then, offers Genesis liberty, but no […]

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SIFF 2015: Week Three Highlights

A harrowing Korean sea thriller, a sultry sapphic summer romance from Lithuania, and a gorgeous Ethiopian genre mashup are among your best bets during SIFF 2015’s final (!) week and weekend (5/29 – 6/7). DON’T MISS: Beti and Amare {5/29 1:45p Uptown} Intriguing 1930s-set genre pastiche about a young Ethopian woman trying to live a […]

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blind film

SIFF 2015: Week Two Highlights

A twisty Norwegian drama, a charming lesson in Euro-male anatomy, and the year’s quietest superhero movie are three great options during SIFF’s second week (5/22 – 5/28). DON’T MISS: Blind   {5/26 3:30p Uptown} This directorial debut from the writer of 2012 festival favorite Oslo, August 31 is a twisty, tricky drama about an imaginative, […]

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SIFF 2015 Preview: NW Connections

You know I always have to run through the Northwest Connections program for SIFF! This year’s offerings include a lot of documentaries and a fair amount of my favorite movie genre: HORROR. First up: I’m stupidly excited for The Primary Instinct because Stephen Tobolowsky is THE BEST EVER and I love listening to The Tobolowsky […]

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SIFF Take: Goodnight Mommy

Two angelic 9-year-old twin boys arrive home to find their mother in the hallway with a face all wrapped up in plastic surgery bandages. Mommy needs her rest in order to recover—never mind that she lurks around in her bedroom poking at her bloodshot eyes or pretends to be sleeping when she’s really having a […]

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SIFF 2015: Week One Highlights

Our beloved movie gorge-a-thon kicks off tonight with Spy, an amusing Paul Feig / Melissa McCarthy collaboration that spoofs and reveres great spy thrillers. It’s big and boisterous, and will play very well to the back of the (very large) house at McCaw Hall. Many cinematic experiences will follow over the subsequent 24 days, and […]

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It Follows


“It’s slow, but it’s not dumb.” ~ Hugh, IT FOLLOWS Imagine going on a date with someone you really, really like, enjoying a romantic lakeside talk, cozying up in the car for some hot sex—then having that person drag you out into the middle of nowhere, tie you to a chair, and explain that by […]

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