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Lovely Molly

{Lovely Molly opens in Seattle on Friday, 7/20 and is screening at SIFF Cinema Uptown through 7/26} Opening with a “found footage” sequence (expected by Director Eduardo Sanchez, one-half of the writing and directing team that brought us The Blair Witch Project) packed with intense emotion, Lovely Molly then backtracks to start at the beginning. […]

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The Pact

{The Pact screens at The Grand Illusion Cinema on 7/20 & 7/21 at 11pm – tickets are $8 | $5 for members | $6 seniors & students} While I think overall The Pact is a solid thriller, it’s also one of those movies that’s way better if you don’t know too much about it. Sisters […]

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{Elena opens at the Landmark Varsity Theater on Friday July 13th} Elena is a slow moving but extremely well made film that details the choices people can make for their family when their back is against the wall. Or maybe it's an allegory about post-communist Russia and how everything is just business, even marital relations. […]

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I Wish

{I Wish opened at the Varsity Landmark Theatre on Friday 6/22, and sceens through this Thursday, 6/28} While it may feel a smidge longish I Wish is a film that most people will agree on as a delightfully pleasant watch. Hirokazu Koreeda the director of the fabulous film Still Walking delivered his latest fine cinematic […]

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Beyond the Black Rainbow

{Beyond the Black Rainbow premieres in Seattle at The Grand Illusion Cinema on Friday, 6/22, and screens through 6/28} I’m still not really sure I understand what went down in Beyond the Black Rainbow, but I think I got the gist of it—even if I had to wade through a bunch of trippy LSD-laden-this-is-what-a-futuristic-1983-looks-like shots […]

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Your Sisters Sister 2

SIFF 2012 Preview: Northwest Connections

I’m always most excited about SIFF’s Northwest Connections showcase, and more so this year than ever, since Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister is screening on opening night! If I had my way, a film by a Seattle director would ALWAYS open the fest. But uh, until I’m charge, I guess that probably won’t happen. Anyway! […]

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We Have a Pope

{We Have a Pope opened in Seattle this past Friday and is screening at the Landmark Guild 45th now} When the Pope passes, all of the catholic churches Cardinals gather within the Vatican to choose their next spiritual leader. Vote after vote is taken until a consensus emerges. The honored recipient being a far from obvious […]

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