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One of the many reasons to head to the Sunset this Friday night: The Nightgowns

I’ve been sitting on The Nightgowns’ Sing Something for at least a couple months now, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to sing this band’s praises. They’re basically a synthpop quartet, but not in the twee and cute way, and also not in the Hot Chip dance way. Instead, they’ve found […]

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Throw Me The Statue- Creaturesque


Throw Me The Statue has had a steep learning curve. Releasing their first LP, Moonbeams, on Scott Reitherman’s local Seattle label, Baskerville Hill Records, they recently signed with the Indiana based independent label, Secretly Canadian, for their sophomore full length release, Creaturesque. Weaving together pop, rock, and a slew of influences, Creaturesque is redolent of […]

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Indie-pop imports from Brazil, Mexico, and Germany

Indie-pop comes from all over. Remember my favorite song of all time from Mexico? Hello Seahorse from Ciudad de México City, Distrito Federal Mexico rocked it in 2008 with “Won’t Say Anything”. Today, in an effort to bridge the gap between me traveling to a fantastic vacation hotspot and being in a  hotspot in Seattle, […]

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Make your Wednesday night {Starlight} Mint-y fresh

This Wednesday (July 29th) Oaklahoma’s Starlight Mints will be at The Crocodile in support of the fresh out of the oven album, Change Remains (released last Tuesday). I like to think of them as poppier Flaming Lips who spend more time in coffee shops than Radio Shack. Their daydream lyrics are juxtaposed against Gordon Gano-esque […]

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