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Hedwig at the Moore

Let us be your Sugar Daddy! We've got a pair of tickets to see Hedwig at The Moore {1/15}

You guys! Hedwig and the Angry Inch is coming to The Moore Theatre this month, and we've got a pair of tickets to give a lucky imaginary for the 1/15 preview performance!!! I am a HUGE fan of Hedwig (though admittedely, I've only seen it on film — not on stage) and a HUGE fan […]

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Showing out-of-town bands around Seattle: The Pauses edition

Okay, maybe “around Seattle” is a misnomer, as it was really “around Capitol Hill”. Anyway! On Monday {9/17}, I met up with Tierney, Jason, (tour drummer) Cash, and Sammy near The Comet Tavern before their show, and naturally, they were all hungry. My first thought was Bimbo’s—but a claim was made that they were all […]

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Recommended Show (and longtime Imaginary Crush): Harry and the Potters at The Vera Project {7/31}

It’s probably totally weird that I’ve never read a Harry Potter book, that I find the movies utterly forgettable, and that I just plain don’t get people’s extreme HP fandom—but, you guys. BUT. I’ve been crushing on brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters since I saw them play at the UW […]

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Recommended Show: Fort Union album release at the Tractor Tavern {7/27}

Nothing can really fill the hole in my heart left by the absence of Friday Mile, but Fort Union comes close. Two Friday Mile bandmates, Jace Krause and Jake Rohr, have come together once again to create some beautiful songs, traveling back-and-forth from Portland (where the relocated Krause runs an amazing food truck called Fried […]

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Three from the Stacks: trippy ambiance, nostalgic power pop, and bewitching vocals

Tasseomancy: Ulalume I shouldn't even like this. But I do. Twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman infuse their folky music with a dreamy, Julee Cruise-esque feel and beautiful vocals. Basically, listening to Ulalume feels like you're in a fuzzy, drug-induced haze. Napping might seem like a good idea too — until you realize the tunes […]

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Three from the Stacks: French wailing, twee folk, and poppy surprises

I have finally caught up with SIFF madness and found three musical selections in the TIG stacks that are worthy of a shout-out. Hermetic Delight: Universe Like Thousands of Red Alternatives This band hails from Strasborg, France, so it was a pretty exciting package to open (we ♥ INTL mail, you guys!). Anyway, despite a […]

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Imaginary Exclusive: Blue Skies for Black Hearts cover Young Fresh Fellows

Attention all Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Young Fresh Fellows fans!!! My favorite Portland band sent me this brand spankin' new video and asked me to share it with our Imaginary readers first. The video shows BSFBH covering Young Fresh Fellows' "Aurora Bridge" — with special guest SCOTT MCCAUGHEY!! Since YFF is one of […]

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Recommended SIFF Film + Show: Paul Williams Still Alive & Sean Nelson at the Sorrento {5/25}

Attention "Rainbow Connection" and Sean Nelson fans! There is a Paul Williams double shot of awesomeness happening this Friday {5/25}. In honor of the documentary Paul Williams is Still Alive, playing at SIFF, Sean Nelson has set up a night of singing Mr. Williams’ songs—with Shenandoah Davis on the piano—at The Sorrento Hotel Fireside Room. […]

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