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Newsmash: Thoughts about caucuses, favorite songs, and reasons to leave the house

Hello dear February and all that you’ve brought with you this week! Political things are kicking up and getting real with all kinds of insanity and importance. Have you caucused before? I remember the first caucus I went to back in 2004. Thank goodness I had the guide that our pal Lawrence put together for […]

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johnroderick viva 2009

Recommended show: McGinn fundraiser with John Roderick, Hey Marseilles and a special surprise guest {Friday, 3/9}

{John Roderick/Long Winters photo by Victoria VanBruinisse} Tonight {Friday, March 9} some of Seattle's Best are set to take the stage to raise funds for the McGinn mayoral campaign at the regal Showbox at the Market. Not to get all political on you, but it's fair to say that McGinn has done some very fine […]

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24 percent

The President's popularity hit a new all-time low this month, scoring a 24% approval rating on the most recent Reuter's/Zogby poll. This rating is down five points from last month's all-time low rating of 29% approval. I'd like to think the Walla sitch, in part, accounts for this staggeringly low score. Though really, what's most […]

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Chris Walla to release solo record, even though US Customs confiscated his hard drive

Death Cab for Cutie guitar player/producer Chris Walla will release his debut solo full-length Field Manual on January 29, 2008, on Barsuk Records. This would be news enough… but this release has an interesting and political history. As has been documented here and here and here, and in about a zillion other online places in […]

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Hooked on Bush Phonics

It's been a good long while since we've posted a big fat presidential guffaw here on TIG (not that there hasn't been great fodder all along). But the editor geek in me was especially impressed with this headline: When words get in the way, Bush goes phonetic The article explains that somehow, a marked-up draft […]

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Seattle nightlife – 911!

For those still haunted by Seattle's former Teen Dance Ordinance, it's time for our own call to action. The following email has appeared in my inbox three times today already. If you feel so inspired….. *** Last Thursday, the City Council's Neighborhoods and EconomicDevelopment committee passed a reasonable package of new nightliferules which creates an […]

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The homophobia stops here

Here's a chance to tip the scales of this VERY HOMOPHOBIC group's own survey. The AFA (American Family Association) is expecting an overwhelming majority of respondents to say that they would be 'less-likely' to do business with a company if they knew it supported the "homosexual agenda," whatever that is. So far, they are getting […]

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Americans: a little stupider than before

The latest Pew Research Center for the People & the Press study of over 1,500 Americans has found that we're slightly stupider than we used to be. Some interesting tidbits: Only 69% of Americans knew Dick Cheney was the Vice President (down from 1989, when 74% of Americans knew Dan Quayle was the Veep). Americans […]

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On with the song

Back in July 2006, igDana's brilliantly thorough We Won't Get Fooled Again! piece (a response to John J. Miller's National Review article on the 50 greatest conservative rock songs ever) included a final note on Mr. Miller's challenge that he'd "love to see someone assemble of list of the 50 best left-wing country songs." I […]

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