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Puget Sound song donator Tai Shan to give concert for the cause this Saturday, Oct. 10

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Tai Shan is sharing the stage with Governor Gregoire on Saturday, October 10, when Shan performs her song “Tiny Planet” for People for Puget Sound’s annual Harbor Lights fundraiser. The show will be at the Fremont Studios and starts at 5:30 p.m. From the press release: “On an average day, it’s estimated that 140,000 pounds of […]

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February 9th Democratic Presidential Caucus

As you undoubtedly know, the 2008 Presidential Election season is upon us. The Democratic field is blessed to have several phenomenal candidates – and amazingly, it increasingly looks like Washington State could play a pivotal role in deciding the nominee. The Washington State Democratic Party decided last year that our input into the nominating process […]

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Vote No and Hell No

I remember the first day I came to Seattle, 13 years ago. My friends took me down to the Market, to introduce me to my new city, and to gaze out upon the glories of the waterfront. But as soon as I looked down from Victor Steinbrueck Park at the Viaduct, I was hollering like […]

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We Won't Get Fooled Again!

Once upon a time, long before I was an imaginary girl, I was editor of my high school newspaper, "The Chariot." My assistant editor was John J. Miller, then Lennon-spec-ed smartass, now a conservative writer for the National Review. A few weeks back, he published a list called The 50 greatest conservative rock songs. The […]

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Utah Ravers Raided by Police

Have you heard about this? There was a rave going on in Utah this weekend. The police raided it in full-on combat gear, with helicopters, tear gas, the works. You can watch a video of the raid here. I first read the story over on Daily Kos and was completely horrified/taken aback by the situation. […]

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All the Residents' Men

The biggest problem with mysteries is that sooner or later they have to be solved. And the solution to any mystery is invariably a letdown. As long as there is uncertainty, there is the chance that the answer will reveal something beyond the ordinary. But answers rarely do. Do you really want to know what […]

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