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The Right to Die

I spent the better part of my weekend wracking my brain to write my Music for America column this week, which focuses on Michael and Terri Schiavo; specifically, I make use of my long-dormant speech pathology masters degree to explain a little somethin' somethin' about cognitive and swallowing difficulties following traumatic brain injury. I called […]

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Ignorance + Pina Coladas = Bliss

Hola muchachos! I've just returned from a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico, and can I just tell you how much I love fresh ceviche? Ohmygod. It's a little bit of heaven, I tell ya. Know what else was blissful? Spending over a week being completely ignorant of the news. My new husband (omg husband!) and I […]

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With a Rebel Yell

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Vermont Governor and one-time Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean has been elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I've been looking at all the news articles about his winning the nomination, and keep seeing these sorts of phrases: "Screamin' Dean." "Infamous Iowa scream." "High-flying […]

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Chocolates are on the March!

Since my weekly MFA column falls on the day after the first so-called free election in Iraq in 50 years, I felt the need to address the subject. But what to say about it? I don't believe that "Freedom is on the March." Bush has been proclaiming that inanity since Fall of last year – […]

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George W. Bush Gets Inaugurated this Week, and All I Did was Write this Stupid Column

January 20th approaches. Inauguration day is nigh. Will there be public outcry? Before the last election, my politically active friends and I had big plans in the event of a Bush win. My personal favorite involved walking arm-in-arm to the Canadian border on inauguration day and throwing up our hands, surrendering Western Washington to Canada, […]

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