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Sound Off 2018

Recommended Shows: Sound Off! Semifinals #1 {2/9} and Dancing on the Valentine 13 {2/10}!

HAND UP if you’re ready for an insanely fun weekend of music! This Friday & Saturday, two of my favorite annual shows are happening. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9 First up, let’s talk Sound Off!, MoPOP (formerly EMP)’s inspiring Battle of the Bands for musicians 21 & under. I worked at MoPOP for 4 years, and every. […]

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Month of May


One-half of this new musically-inclined duo has been a friend of mine for years: Celene Ramadan, AKA Leeni – so just to be clear, this isn’t lip service or me trying to pump up a pal’s music, as I’ve been a genuine fan or her pretty tunes since the moment she started creating. I’ve got […]

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Elam / Kinetic Stereokids / C-Leb + A-bro at the High Dive

Show Date: January 17, 2008

Last Thursday we went out to The High Dive in Fremont to see what turned out to be an unusual set for Elam. I'm used to seeing the songs performed as a solo venture, with Brian Yeager performing low-register vocals and moody guitar bits and usually only one backup person, either his female co-vocalist or his friend […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Hypatia Lake

Tonight at Chop Suey is a show that has piqued our interest for *purely medicinal* reasons. The line up is full of atmospheric indie rockers national and local. Washington DC's Dead Meadow, with their weighty retro-metal overtones, brings back memories of our beloved Michael X: the first imaginary boy on staff. Michael X provided TIG […]

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