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World War


On their third release, World War, Das Llamas mix hammering hooks, dub bass lines and propulsive percussion to craft gritty music that reflects post-punk and goth influences while incorporating elements of electroclash and no-wave. At times the instruments blend into a cacophonous blur of sound, but the music never veers into grating or atonal territory. […]

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Buy old Seattle street signs

Mayor Greg Nickels announced this morning that they will be replacing Seattle's street signs with new ones. The old ones are for sale for only 5-15 bucks (depending on the sign and condition). Check out their inventory. I feel like I can make an awesome purse out of a couple of these. Or maybe re-side […]

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Seattle nightclubs need your help

I've goten a few emails this morning from folks active in the Seattle music scene, about a pending deadline for installing sprinkler systems in all Seattle nightclubs and the potential impact it might have. This just in, from former club-owner and all-around music scene advocate Dave Meinert: Sprinklers of course seem like a good idea. […]

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Mid-Fall Curtain Call

A Carlotta musical and new adaptations of two classic American stories are among the pre-Thanksgiving theater offerings around town You know the year is winding down when: 1) temps drop, 2) leaves fall, 3) Veronica Mars delves deeper into her latest mystery arc, and 4) the mighty Carlotta Sue Philpott comes round. But not so […]

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SIFF 2005 reviews

Alpha below, max rating **** Jump: A-C | D-K | L-R | S-Z 2046 **½In Wong Kar-wai's latest, a newpaper and pulp fiction writer has a string of affairs in 1960s Hong Kong. The film's narrative jumps back and forth in time, and in and out of the writer's fictional and real worlds, as characters […]

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