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SIFFlog, days 5-7

Tuesday, following the 4:30p screening of Manufactured Landscapes at Pacific Place, my SIFF companion for the afternoon — we'll call her "K" — asked me: "Why do we always end up sitting in front of people who feel they have to make noise?" Good question. There were plenty of overly dramatic sighs and whispered "wow!"s at […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: "Crazy Love" at Pacific Place

"Some love never dies, it just gets twisted." This according to one of the talking heads in Crazy Love, the brilliant, messed-up documentary about some not-as-brilliant, more-messed-up folks. It's one of my SIFF highlights for the week; capsule review and trailer follow. Crazy Love (5/30 9:30p Pacific Place)Truth can be stranger, and stupider, than fiction. Case in point: […]

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SIFFlog, days 1-4

After a fun (and boozy!) opening night gala, SIFF's Memorial Day weekend screenings went remarkably well, all things considered. Few of us realize what goes into pulling of an event of this size and scope (print traffic alone is a miracle of project management), and I imagine the first week is especially tough for the […]

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SIFF 2007 highlights: week 2

All-American docs, short pieces from Deutschland, and Julie Delpy's directorial debut highlight SIFF's second week (6/1-7). Don't miss: Big Rig (6/1 9:30p Egyptian; 6/2 3:15p Egyptian)This populist doc portrait of modern America as seen through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers — people who know this country in ways you never will — is patriotic […]

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Tonight's (Today's?) Recommended Show: Girls Rock Fest at Chop Suey

This show is a benefit to coincide with the documentary Girls Rock!, which premiered at SIFF last night (and plays again tomorrow afternoon). The film profiles a camp that brings young girls all over the country to Portland for a week to teach the campers about rock and/or roll. One of the regular instructors is Carrie […]

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SIFF 2007 highlights: week 1

A sweet indie musical, a quirky Kiwi buzzmaker, and a fierce urban mindtrip are among the must-sees on tap for 5/25-31. Don't miss: Aachi & Ssipak (5/26 11:59p Neptune) Rude, wicked, certifiably insane South Korean animated film about a corrupt (but candy-colored) future society that uses highly-addictive Juicypop treats to "reward" its citizens for producing […]

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SIFF is almost here!

SIFF starts in mere days. I get so overwhelmed scrolling through the movie listings, that's why I'm so grateful for imaginary boy embracey's wonderful SIFF preview. Are any of you blog-readers going to SIFF this year? What are you going to check out?

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SIFF 2007 preview

Has a year really gone by since Seattle's annual cinema megathon last took over the city? Yes, and get ready to start standing in queue, because the Seattle International Film Festival's 33rd edition kicks off 5/24 at Seattle Center's McCaw Hall with an opening-night gala and screening of Garth Jennings' buzz-heavy coming-of-age Britcom Son of […]

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