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Imaginary Interview: Lynn Shelton

It’s probably stating the obvious to say that Lynn Shelton is the most celebrated filmmaker in the Northwest right now. Her latest film, Humpday, which received great acclaim from critics and filmgoers alike when it played at the Sundance Film Festival, is a story of two dear friends who find themselves in a dare to […]

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Imaginary Interview: Paul Solet

Grace was definitely the most uncomfortable and most horrific film I’ve seen in a long time – as I said in my review, the last time I remember being so squirmy in my seat was when I saw Lucky McGee’s 2002 film May. I’m affected in this way so rarely by horror films, that when […]

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SIFF gives out Golden Space Needle Awards

  As promised, TIG would continue its coverage of SIFF "until the final Golden Space Needle Award was given out" and early this afternoon, they were. Amie Simon and I were on hand to watch the winners receive their awards. They went to: Best Film Golden Space Needle AwardBlack Dynamite, directed by Scott Sanders (USA, […]

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SIFF Take: talhotblond

Thomas Montgomery is a pathetic man: he is middle-aged, fat, and balding, working a job he hates while coming home to a wife who he daily loves less and less. He goes online and finds the affection of a person with the handle “talhotblond” and starts an online romance. Things get complex and a third […]

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In theaters or DVD, see Icons Among Us

  Icons Among Us: The Future of Jazz played a couple of weeks back during the wonderful Seattle International Film Festival, but I wanted to note it here in case it returns to local theaters or becomes available in video form. SIFF’s world premiere of Icons Among Us brought a humungous crowd to Seattle theater […]

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