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SIFF weekend 4 preview

Can you believe this? It's the final weekend of SIFF '09! Has SIFF saved the best for last, or is it scraping the bottom of the cinematic barrel? We'll soon find out, and I'll be in queue for: Afghan Star (6/11 and 6/13, SIFF Cinema)This documentary has the potential to be third in a SIFF […]

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Imaginary Interview: Julie Davis

In Julie Davis’ hilarious new film, Finding Bliss, Leelee Sobieski stars as Jody, a recent film graduate who takes a job as an editor, to only find out it’s working in the porn industry. She takes the job because it gave her the opportunity to work on making her first film. The film recently screened […]

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SIFF Giveaway: Free tickets to see Rain

The generous folks at SIFF have given us 3 pairs of tickets to see Rain this Saturday, June 13 at SIFF Cinema, 7pm. From the SIFF Guide: Director Maria Govan’s powerful debut, one of the first films produced indigenously in the Bahamas, shows a darker side of the country that tourists rarely see. A teenager […]

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SIFF Take: (500) Days of Summer

  Director Marc Webb channels Cameron Crowe at his best – great conversation, lots of laughs and a killer soundtrack – with his feature debut, (500) Days of Summer. If this is where he’s starting, I can’t wait to see what he does next. Sam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, at the height of adorability) and Summer (hipster […]

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SIFF Take: Cold Souls

  A comedy that makes you think as much as it makes you laugh is hard to come by, but Writer and Director Sophie Barthes has produced one that’s nearly flawless for her first feature film. In Cold Souls, Paul Giamatti plays a fictional version of himself who’s getting ready to star in a production […]

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Imaginary Interview: Little Joe

The film Little Joe is a one-person documentary that tells the story of Joe Dallesandro, an actor most known for his starring role in many of Andy Warhol’s films, including Flesh, Trash, and Lonesome Cowboys. The documentary is a fascinating portrait of the Warhol superstar who shares many of his most interesting stories as he […]

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SIFF Take: Art & Copy

Art & Copy is a lovely, pleasant film about, well, advertising. Director Doug Pray does something interesting and subtle with what’s a temptingly fat target for derision—he teases out the artistic, inventive, and influential aspects of an industry steeped in mediocrity at best and toxicity at worst. Pray interviewed 11 people who worked on some […]

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