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SIFF 2011 Wrap-Up: 10 Favorites

Well, it’s OVER once again! SIFF 2011 was a whirlwind of great films, Q&As, gabbing with other film nerds, happy hours, and parties. I’m sad it’s over, but like most SIFF fans, I probably need a break before it starts all over again next year. In total, I saw 26 films (which honestly pales in […]

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SIFF 2011 - 12 angry lebanese

SIFF 2011: Closing Weekend Highlights

Well, here we are in the final three days of SIFF 2011, and while I’ve kept you current on any hits, misses, and in-betweens I’ve been able to experience for myself, a few additional closing-weekend must-sees have come to my attention since my latest post. For the major procrastinators (you now have no excuse), for […]

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SIFF Take: Roadie

Holy trainwreck, Batman. Roadie introduces us to 40-something Jimmy Testagross (Ron Eldard, who acts his ass off here), who’s spent the last 26 years of his life being a hardcore roadie for 70s rock group Blue Oyster Cult. Yes, you read that right. TWENTY SIX years of being a roadie. He claims he’s doing “what […]

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SIFF Take: The Intruder {TONIGHT!}

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things blood & gore – and that coupled with the promise of “thousands and thousands of snakes” meant that I had to see the Thai horror-thriller The Intruder (Kheaw Aa-Kaard). If you’re also a fan of cunning reptiles that not only spew venom, but appear to […]

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