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SIFF Double Take: Tornado Alley and The Bengali Detective

Tornado Alley is pretty standard IMAX documentary fare: extremely well-produced, slightly slender on detail, and laden with breathtaking shots of its titular subject—in this case, tornadoes. Bill Paxton narrates. Besides showing a lot of 6-story shots of tornadoes and vertiginous views of roofless houses, the movie follows two teams of storm chasers, often aiming for […]

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SIFF Take: The Off Hours

Pretty waitress Francine (doe-eyed Amy Seimetz) sleepwalks through diner shifts and time spent playing video games with her foster brother/roommate Corey (Scoot McNairy, Monsters), and an unfaithful boyfriend. Enter truck driver Oliver, whose ease, friendliness, and kindness spark an instant connection, and a desire for something that may be beyond her reach. Two side-plots—one involving […]

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SIFF 2011 - Sound of Noise

SIFF 2011: Week Three Highlights

SIFF 2011’s concluding week is upon us, and the festival’s wily programmers have saved some of their best cinematic treats for last. Tickets will move fast in the final days, but there’s still ample opportunity to catch several incredible documentaries, a Dutch financial-collapse drama, or (if you must) a Northwest Bigfoot tale; all are set […]

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SIFF Double Take: Detective Dee & Marrow

I have two SIFF recommendations today at the complete opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame is a non-stop Chinese action fantasy involving spontaneously combusting diplomats, masters of disguise, a whip-weilding female warrior, and so much CGI it looks like the characters are walking around inside a […]

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SIFF Take: Vampire

{Vampire screens at SIFF on Wednesday, June 1, 6:30pm and Thursday, June 2, 4pm at the Egyptian; and again on Sunday, June 5, 8:30pm at the Admiral Theatre} I hereby claim Vampire as a fine example of modern psychological horror (for its own category, the Seattle International Film Festival 2011 puts it in its “To […]

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SIFF Take: Finisterrae

The other day I was talking to a fellow festival attendee on line at a SIFF press screening.  When he heard I’d seen Finisterrae it came up that they’d shown the trailer for it at the SIFF members’ preview. He explained it was basically three minutes of two guys walking around in white sheets, occasionally […]

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SIFF 2011 - on the ice

SIFF 2011: Week Two Highlights

We’re nearing SIFF’s halfway point, and if you’ve attended more than a few screenings this year I congratulate you on surviving the queues, tolerating any less-than-pleasant fellow moviegoers you may have encountered therein, dealing with the venues’ unique quirks (lavatory-related and otherwise), and making it through the unnerving amount of trailer/bumper clutter in front of […]

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