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Recommended SIFF: Proof that sci-fi and emotional drama are NOT mutually exclusive

For whatever reason, this year has had some great films that use a science-fiction premise to tell a story mainly about the human experience. Think Moon, but with even smaller budgets. Thankfully two of them are playing at SIFF! Between May 21st and 24th, I’d strongly suggest trying to put together a double feature of […]

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SIFF Take: 12 Paces Without a Head

Sexy German pirates in period costume? A soundtrack that includes The Clash, T-Rex, Johnny Cash, and The Thermals? Oh hellyes. Rockin’ music aside, this (somewhat true) tale of two 14th century pirates is well worth the price of your SIFF admission. It’s got a little bit of everything: humor, action, and of course, romance…with the […]

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SIFF 2011 - Venice

SIFF 2011 Opening Weekend Highlights

Yep, it’s time for the 2011 edition of the Seattle International Film Festival. Can you feel the excitement? Have you carefully perused the printed schedule and SIFF website? Do you have a fresh bottle of Visine on hand? Are you standing in queue already? Ready or not, the action gets underway this Thursday 5/19 with […]

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SIFF Preview: Shortsfest

{SIFF’s 2011 Shortsfest Weekend screens between 5/27 and 5/30 at SIFF Cinema} There are lots of ways to make your own personal festival out of SIFF. Maybe you only want to see German films, love stories, or animated escapades. One niche that SIFF carves out into its own show-within-a-show are short films. While some shorts […]

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SIFF Preview: Face the Music

It goes without saying that most of us imaginaries get more PSYCHED about the Seattle International Film Festival’s Face the Music program than anything else at the fest. There’s always a ton of great films and events that feature music, from documentaries to re-imaginings of a famous musician’s life. This year, there are quite a […]

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Louder Than a Bomb

Louder Than a Bomb is an annual team poetry slam contest that began in 2001.  The contestants being students representing around sixty Chicago area schools. It’s also the title of a dynamic and uplifting documentary about that event. On the surface it feels as though the picture closely follows the template of other docs about […]

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The 2011 SIFF Schedule is live! I repeat! The 2011 SIFF Schedule is live!!!

Hey! You! There! The official 37th Seattle International Film Festival scedule is online at siff.net for perusal and ticket-purchasing goodness! (the crowd roars) Opening night is Thursday, May 19th – and I highly recommend you snap up tix to that immediately, and to see the ever-adorable and RAWR-worthy Ewan McGregor take the stage, because both […]

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