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{Tickled opens in Seattle for an exclusive engagement Friday, July 1 at Landmark’s Guild 45th Theatre} Oh dear. I wasn’t quite prepared to fall down the rabbit hole of cat-fishing craziness Tickled is. The genesis of this film started with New Zealand television journalist David Farrier investigating a story on “Competitive Endurance Tickling,” which led him […]

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Viggo Mortensen SIFF 2016 red carpet Captain Fantastic

Imaginary SIFF Interview: Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross

TIG got to hang out on the red carpet again last night for the Viggo Mortensen Tribute program, which included Viggo receiving SIFF’S Outstanding Achievement in Acting Award and a screening of Captain Fantastic (the winner of the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Film this year!). Two awards! Count them, two! After SIFF Festival Director and […]

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The Scent of Mandarin

SIFF 2016: closing weekend highlights

Good news, procrastinators: there’s still time to do something about your SIFF-slacking ways. The coming weekend offers your final chances to partake in this year’s local cinema binge-a-thon… until the best-of-fest program rolls around next weekend at the Uptown. (I’ll of course preview that for you after the festival prizes are announced and the lineup […]

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Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic, screening at SIFF 2016

Recommended SIFF: Viggo, Viggo, Viggo AND Viggo!

Closing weekend of SIFF 2016 (What? ALREADY?) brings us A Tribute to Viggo Mortensen: a conversation with Viggo on stage at the Egyptian, followed by a screening of his latest film, Captain Fantastic. Along with Viggo (DUH), Director Matt Ross and Producer Lynette Howell Taylor are scheduled to attend. I bought my tickets almost as soon as they […]

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A drawing of J.R. Binkley


NUTS! is an exuberant, improbable documentary about a fellow—J. R. Binkley—who claimed to be able to cure impotence by grafting goat testicles onto human ones. Archival footage and fabulous animation (by a different artist for each chapter) intertwine with commentary in a deliciously manipulative narrative that skillfully exposes much about America via the shenanigans of […]

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The Night Stalker Premiere at SIFF 2016. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips and Imaginary Amie. Photo Credit: Imaginary Rich

Imaginary SIFF Interview: 5 questions with Lou Diamond Phillips {+ a bonus question with Megan Griffiths!} re: The Night Stalker

Some kind of magical planetary alignment happened on Saturday night, allowing imaginary rich and I to be on the red carpet in order to capture the SIFF 2016 premiere of The Night Stalker! I got to speak with the most charming person ever: Lou Diamond Phillips {who stars in the film as Richard Ramirez} and […]

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SIFF 2016 Nightstalker red carpet. Megan Griffiths and Lou Diamond Phillips. Photo Credit: Imaginary Rich

SIFF 2016 Photos: The Night Stalker Premiere with Megan Griffiths and Lou Diamond Phillips

It was a full house at last night’s SIFF 2016 premiere of The Night Stalker, both in the theater, and outside on the red carpet! The list of cast and crew on hand to celebrate the film’s premiere included: Director Megan Griffiths; Actors Lou Diamond Phillips, Chelle Sherrill, Ben Barrett, Mark Kelly, Annalisa Cochran, and Zoe McLane; […]

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The Brand New Testament

SIFF 2016: week three highlights

A loving tribute to an alt-cinema master, a buzzy documentary about insect-based cuisine, and a deliriously sacrilegious Euro-satire are among the must-see highlights of SIFF 2016’s final week. DON’T MISS: The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin {6/4 9p Film Center; 6/5 8:30p Film Center} I was introduced to the genius work of filmmaker Guy Maddin […]

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Members of the Pistol Shrimps lined up in a V-formation. Aubrey Plaza is in front, holding a basketball.

Recommended SIFF: The Pistol Shrimps

You’ll laugh! You’ll keep laughing! You’ll want to go join a rec league! The Pistol Shrimps is equal parts hysterically funny and legit inspirational. A group of women with decidedly unathletic day jobs (lawyer, model, musician, being Aubrey Plaza, Drunk History) got together to form a rec league in LA with basketball credentials that included […]

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