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Burn Burn Burn SIFF 2016

SIFF Take: Burn Burn Burn

“Essentially this is Thelma & Louise with Casper the friendly ghost.” The above quote is the one Dan sends his friends Seph {Laura Carmichael} and Alex {Chloe Pirrie} off on a road trip with in Burn Burn Burn — from a pre-recorded video on a laptop, since he’s no longer on this earth. For his dying wish, Dan leaves […]

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SIFF Take: Tag

I’m not even sure how to process the fever dream of a movie that is Tag, but I’ll give it a try. The whole thing starts by introducing us to a busload of schoolgirls who (of course) spend their time teasing each other and starting pillow fights, and quickly turns into a major bloodbath. Mitsuko, the […]

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The Night Stalker at SIFF 2016

Imaginary SIFF Interview: Megan Griffiths

I was super stoked to to see that Megan Griffiths’ latest film, The Night Stalker, was premiering at SIFF this year! The film is about terrifying serial killer Richard Ramirez, and does an excellent job shifting between past {1985} and near-present {2013} to give us a good look at both the man himself and a character who’s obsessed […]

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6 friends gather around a picture in Clea DuVall's The Intervention

SIFF Take: The Intervention

In actor Clea DuVall’s confident directorial debut, a group of thirtysomething friends and their partners gather for a Big Chill-esque weekend retreat with a decidedly ill-advised mission: to convince their painfully unhappily married friends to divorce. Naturally, they’re all avoiding their own relationship-sized room elephants, so once meddling is unleashed, the shockwave spares no one. […]

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Scene from The Tenth Man, with Ariel driving an old yellow car while wearing a Purim crown

Recommended SIFF: The Tenth Man

You’ve got the middle-age doldrums. You plan to take your girlfriend to go visit your father in Buenos Aires. But your girlfriend bails. You show up at your dad’s Foundation, where all of the Jews in the neighborhood go to get help with everything—meat, shoes, medication, wigs, sanctuary. He’s not there. He’s out helping. Just like when […]

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Recommended SIFF: Girl Asleep

Oh, such a fun and funny film is Girl, Asleep! It’s got lots of Wes Andersonian mega-quirkiness, but derivative it’s not. Shy Greta just started a new school, and now she has to navigate the halls where the Queen Meanie has twin Amazonian henchwomen and her goofball best friend has a crush on her and […]

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SIFF Take: Alone (Hon-ja)

Oof, what a mess of a movie. The first part feels like it might be a worth-it kind of mess. It’s like a jumbly mashup of Groundhog Day, The Shining, and Edge of Tomorrow with a gritty Escher overlay (which sounds hella cool—get on that one, students). Su-min, a photographer, witnesses a murder and then […]

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The Lure

Recommended SIFF: The Lure

For the first 15 minutes of The Lure {Corki Dancingu}, I felt like I was watching a David Lynch movie on Acid. This New Wave musical nightmare romance is about two young mermaid sisters who find themselves in an ’80s style nightclub. When the creeptastic owner suggests they star in a new musical striptease {striptail?} act, they decide to […]

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Paths of the Soul

SIFF 2016: week two highlights

Gritty adolescence, Turkish kitty-cats, and the resurrection of Dawn Wiener are all on tap in your best bets through 6/2. DON’T MISS: Kedi {5/28 3p Uptown; 5/30 12p Uptown} I’m completely with Amie on this touching and exquisitely beautiful documentary. Cats have had free rein over (and, some may argue, actually ruled) the streets and homes of Istanbul for […]

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As You Are at SIFF 2016

Recommended SIFF: As You Are

The beautiful thing about As You Are is the way it mashes up a police investigation with a solidly authentic feeling coming-of-age story set in the ’90s. Sounds weird, right? But it totally, totally works. I was hooked from the first VHS-framed interrogation scene, and then fell right back into high school memory mode once it moved to the relationship between […]

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