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Three Imaginary Films to see: SIFF Edition

This is kind of cheating, since there’s obviously more than 3 films I think you should see at the Film Festival this weekend – but I thought I’d hit you with these and then recommend some more via SIFF Takes for full-on movie madness! Shorts Package: Pandemonium Boulevard: My favorite shorts collection this year, because […]

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SIFF Take: Bass Ackwards

Bass Ackwards has a lot more charm than you’d expect from a film with that title. Main character Linas, played by Director Linas Phillips, is somewhat lost in the world – living on a friend’s couch in Seattle and filming weddings for cash. After a devastating break-up with the married woman he’s in love with […]

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SIFF Take: Air Doll

Air Doll is about Nozumi, an inflatable sex doll used as a substitute for lonely Hideo in place of a girlfriend. One day she finds a heart and comes to life, and starting to explore the world around her, quickly realizes she doesn’t actually love her "owner". Disguising her doll parts and applying for a […]

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SIFF Take: The Extra Man

Kevin Kline isn’t just an “extra man,” but an “essential man,” as he likes to boast. He’s a guy brought in to charm little old ladies with lots of money and their friends at fancy parties in the most maxbialystockian of ways. His roommate is the young, naïve Paul Dano, a dismissed literature professor who […]

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