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SIFF Exploding Cinema presents The Nortec Collective

Show Date: June 7, 2003

Having been invited to attend the Nortec Collective show with embracey and then realizing I had absolutely NO idea who the Nortec Collective were, I decided to do a little research. I borrowed my favorite IB's copy of their disc "The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1" and was immediately hooked (I'll talk more about the music […]

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SIFF 2003 Picks and Previews

SIFF brought me to Seattle. It's true – I came for a visit on opening weekend in May 2000, and by the time the festival had ended that June, I'd moved here permanently. My point? The sheer magnitude of our city's main film event is staggering. SIFF is a colossal mamma jamma! It's the largest […]

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Who'd Believe for All the World that You Were My Imaginary Girl?

Show Date: June 7, 2002

I've always adored They Might Be Giants. How could I not? Flood was released and my first hangover came shortly thereafter. Even god-awful retching to that CD didn't not dim the musical nightlight turned on inside the birdhouse in my soul. Flood was (and still remains) the source of many positive memories and is a […]

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