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My Humps, My Dumps

I'm sure by now you've all seen the much-blogged-about Alanis Morrisette parody video for Black Eyed Peas "My Humps." But move over, Alanis: another Canadian has usurped the spot of most hilarious knock on the Grammy winning song: Peaches. Before Alanis made her video, Peaches recorded a parody song of the original "My Humps" called […]

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"It's all okay till they open their fucking mouths"

Imagine if Three Imaginary Girls met Pete and Ray and you'd have Breakfast at Sulimay's, a trio of grouchy old men music critics {Joe, Moon, and Bill} evaluting some of the indie bands du jour. See what these three have to say about the latest from Joanna Newsom ("Music's not bad till she opens her […]

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New 'Sopranos' this Sunday

In honor of the return (and imminent departure) of Tony and Carmella and the gang, I give you… Seven Minute Sopranos. The vid's creators are profiled in today's New York Times: "Paul Gulyas and Joe Sabia, recent college graduates living in Los Angeles, first posted their video 'Seven Minute Sopranos' to YouTube on March 29. […]

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