Tonight in Seattle:  

Sunset Tavern

Recommended Show: The Redwood Plan, Black Swedes and The West at The Sunset {11/30}

You guys! I found the perfect thing to shake you out of your Turkey/Tofurkey coma on Saturday night: a trifecta of awesomeness at The Sunset!

The Redwood Plan, fronted by the always-amazing Lesli Wood, is hitting the stage along with Black Swedes (who I have fallen all over before), and The West (who released a pretty kick-ass video a few months ago). Black Swedes is also releasing their new album, “Phase” that evening: a poppy, moody tangle of lushness that will suck you in and wreck you in all the good ways.

It's only $8! Go, go, go, go (Green Light) Go. 

{The Redwood Plan | The West | Black Swedes | Sunset Tavern | Saturday, November 30 | Doors: 9:30pm, Show: 10pm | $8 | 21+}

Celebrate Friday the 13th with BOAT, Bottomless Pit (ex-Silkworm), Police Teeth, the Bismarck

Happy Friday the 13th {April, 2012 edition}!!!

There are so many reasons to be happy today:

  • - It's Friday!
  • - We've been promised that tomorrow will be a sunny Saturday!
  • - Tonight is the 30th birthday celebration for Tall Chris {of Police Teeth} complete with a line-up of so many great bands at the Sunset!

Tonight's show starts at 9pm sharp with The Bismark taking the stage first, followed by Police Teeth {complete with the birthday boy}, Bottomless Pit {formerly Silkworm and their first Seattle show since 2006!}, and then BOAT topping the night off. 

It's nothing new for us to be excited about a BOAT show, but this time marks their first show with their new drummer and they are going to debut some fresh-from-the-oven new songs.  It's been a while since they played, so there's no telling what kind of celebratory things they have planned or constructed.  As the above {super rad, lovey} video shows, they've been hard at work doing BOAT things.

I can't promise there will be cake {although there should be - hint hint to the cake bakers in this town}, but I can guarantee that much fun will be had. 

Recommended Friday night activities: Tiny Vipers at 112 Printworks and Bandolier at the Sunset

Tiny Vipers and screenprinted posters and Bandolier in Seattle

This Friday (August 5, 2011) brings a full evening of Fremont-Ballard fun.

Once we change from our work clothes into our weekend superhero outfits, let’s head over to Fremont’s 112 Printworks for opening night celebration, premiering a show of screenprinted art by David D'Andrea with live performance from Tiny Vipers.  The beautifully understated music stylings of TV starts at 8p, which is perfectly timed to allow us just the right about a minutes to enjoy the in-printshop performance, peruse the 112 Printworks’ walls of prints and get to the Sunset (allowing at least 30 minutes to find parking or a ride over there and a splash of a ThaiKu yojito).

At the Sunset, Bandolier will be celebrating their record release with a show and dance party!  Kicking off the night, Detective Agency, Goldie Wilson (also celebrating the release of their cheery surfer-folk-rock CD!!!) and DJ sets by Jet City Soundsystem will take to the stage and the decks.


Friday's recommended {benefit} show: Unnatural Helpers and Partman Parthorse at the Sunset {11/19}

partman parthorse @ funhouse 2.27.09

As we told you last week, Seattle is gathering together to honor the memory of SubPop's Andy Kotowicz by putting together a series of benefits and auctions to raise funds for the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation.

This Friday, {11/19} The Unnatural Helpers and Partman Parthorse will take the Sunset Tavern stage to benefit the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation. If you haven't seen either band, you're in for a humdinger of a show {as evidenced by the above photo}.


Two Cow Garage rock World Cafe, talk Ghost Shirt {at the Sunset this Friday}

Rock Torch - Two Cow Garage

Columbus, Ohio has been quietly been building a killer music scene for years. At the forefront are alt-country rockers, Two Cow Garage, who recently tore it up on NPR's World Cafe Next. Earlier in the year, asked Two Cow front-man Michah Schnabel who he follows from the local Columbus scene and it was then that we learned about the pop powers of Ghost Shirt. "I cannot recommend this band enough," said Schnabel. "I’m a sucker for a great hook and this record (Domestique) is full of them. They are also currently doing 52 singles in 52 weeks. One single a week for a year. Pretty impressive for such a young band."

Don't miss Two Cow Garage at The Sunset Tavern this Friday (11/12) with I Can Lick Any SOB In The House and Kasey Anderson and be sure to read the rest of Micah's original post about Ghost Shirt on


Imaginary interview: Matt Bishop and Loryn Kezer

[Keys to Africa]

This Sunday night at the Sunset, our favorite septet's frontman Matt Bishop will be headlining a benefit show with Carrie Biell -- and you have simply got to be there. It'll be the best ten dollars you'll spend, like, ever. Because the proceeds from the night will be going to send local humanitarianismist (and the show's opener) Loryn Kezer to Africa, where she's heading to do volunteer work in rural areas of Tanzania. Locals doing good + sweet indie-pop playing a role in helping to heal world? We were so impressed by the whole effort that we just had to know more -- so we sat the two of them down last week to talk about it.

Imaginary Victoria: So, who hatched this plan? Tell me how everything came about.

Loryn Kezer: I hatched it, with great encouragement from friends. Apparently, when one is planning a self-funded humanitarian mission, it's ridiculous not to do some fundraising. But I'm terrible at out-and-out asking for help -- so I figured I'd try to provide a little entertainment in exchange for people's dollars. Carrie and Matt are both incredible musicians and really good friends of mine who generously agreed to play the show pro bono.

IV: And when's the trip?  How much are you trying to raise?

LK: The end of March -- less than five months away! I've been pinching pennies for a year, so I'm prepared to pay my way and cover my ass while I'm in Africa. But beyond that, I'd like to be able to purchase what medical and educational supplies are needed at the places I'll be working. Bascially, I'm hoping to raise any amount of money I can. An extra fifty, hundred, five hundred bucks can (and will) go a long way.


Anatomy of a venue: The Sunset Tavern {10th anniversary celebration}

{Photos by Victoria VanBruinisse}

The old adage is true; good things come in small packages. Though postage stamp-sized, The Sunset Tavern is the Scrappy Doo of local venues, ready to kick ass and take names with a backdoor charm and rock and roll flair that no other venue in Seattle can claim.

This month marks the Sunset's 10-year anniversary and The Year of the Tiger. To celebrate, a weekend-long schedule of events will be taking place June 24-27, promising four evenings of live music, surprises, and guest DJs. In addition, this celebration will be a benefit for the Ballard Food Bank, so if nothing else, bring a jar of peanut butter and enjoy the warm fuzzy sensation that do-goodery brings.

The weekend's festivities are as follows -- advance tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

In addition to the donations made to The Ballard Food Bank, The Benevolent Fez and Mask Society will host a nightly charity raffle for the Ryther Child Center.

Thursday, June 24, 9:00 PM: Jason Dodson (of The Maldives), Drew Victor, Tomo Nakayama (of Grand Hallway), Kaylee Cole and DJ Kevin Large - $10 ticket / $8 with a non-perishable food donation upon entrance.

Friday, June 25, 9:00 PM: The Cops, The Catheters, The Tripwires, The Basements and DJ Danger Nun - $12 ticket / $10 with a non-perishable food donation upon entrance.

Saturday, June 26, 9:00 PM: Red Fang, Kinski, Virgin Islands, Eugene Wendell and The Demon Rind and DJ Tim Hayes - $12 ticket / $10 with a non-perishable food donation upon entrance.

Sunday, June 27, 4:00 PM: Sunday Bloody Sunset presents a 10-year anniversary show with Atomic Bride, Hearseburner, Omega Moo - $5

An interview with Michael Jaworski, Talent Buyer/Booker gave us more perspective on the history of The Sunset, more information about the 10th anniversary shows, and defense of the bathrooms...


Best news of the day: The Mary Onettes are coming to Seattle on April 25 {and we've got tickets to giveaway}

The Mary Onettes from Magnum PR

I have the major hots for just about anything with the Labrador Records stamp. Although I can't verbalize it as well as Steve Thornton, imaginary staffer who objectively and positively swooned over the comprehensive Labrador compilation, Labrador 100 - A Complete History Of Popular Music, in 2007, the label's decade plus of solid releases has cemented them as a staple conversation topic in any indie-pop thinkthank... and therefore, recipient of my lustful gazes from across the crowded dance floor.

On April 25th, Labrador Records' The Mary Onettes will be in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern in support of their new album Islands with Hotels and Erik Blood opening.  The Mary O's new full length is a dreamy set of modern day anthems fit for any John Hughes soundtrack. The songs are exceptional pieces of beautiful orchestrated indie-pop that flows with pretty angst ("Now I dared to think I'm something that I'm not " from the song "Dare" which you can sing along to in the video below).

In short, if you like your mix tapes chock full of Jesus and Mary Chain, Cure, New Order, and Pains of Being Pure at Heart you'll kick yourself for missing this show.


This weekend: Happy Birthday to some fellow Seattle music websites

This weekend, some of Seattle's best music websites (and even better friends) are celebrating their birthdays and they've got your weekend booked with fantastic shows that showcase the talent and diversity of the Northwest. Back Beat Seattle is turning one on Friday and Ear Candy is celebrating it's birthday with what its founder, editor, chief, etc... Travis Hay calls "Ear Candy's Weekend of Awesome" and has shows Saturday and Sunday night at different clubs. Also quite thrilling: Dagmar and Amelia from Back Beat and Travis from Ear Candy have all written for TIG before starting their own flourishing websites.

Back Beat's show is Friday at the Blue Moon and it features Blood Red Dancers, THEESatisfaction and What What Now. It all goes down starting at 10pm and you'll need $5 and ID proving you're at or over 21 to get in the door.


Want to see a live (DVD) Mountain Goats performance - and buy the album (The Life of the World to Come) a day early?

(In the interest of full disclosure, you all should know that I work at Sonic Boom and am going to be running this event.)


4AD and Sonic Boom Records have a present for you!


Come on down to the Sunset on Monday, October 5th. Around 8pm we will be showing a film by Rian Johnson (Brick, the Brothers Bloom) of John Darnielle performing The Life of the World to Come in its entirety at Pomona College, where Darnielle was a music student as a child. He is joined on vocals by Rachel from the Bright Mountain Choir, his original bassist with whom he first performed as the Mountain Goats.