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Athens Popfest roundup: 5 days of awesome

{a rare Popfest sight – an empty 40 Watt, by Rich Guiterrez} I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Athens Popfest is always the best week of the year for indie pop nerds, and this year was no exception. Think five days straight of raging shows, surrounded by so many old and new […]

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Athens Popfest 2008 – Day Two

Show Date: August 14, 2008

Playing first (2pm) on a very long string of bands is always a difficult feat (especially when most folks had been out until 3am the previous night), but St. Louis’ That’s My Daughter brought their Ramones meets Fastbacks meets Bunnygrunt (the band featured Mario-grunt on guitar and guested Matt-grunt on lead vocals for a song) […]

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Athens PopFest 2007: Day 3 with Fishboy, Cars Can Be Blue, Daniel Johnston and more…

Show Date: August 11, 2007

Black Kids were the surprise of the PopFest. And I'm not alone in my Black Kids adulation–everyone in my 8-person group was screaming "I LOVE BLACK KIDS" after their show. They were the opening band on this, the final day of the PopFest and their quick wit banter was disarming and hilarious. Their songs were […]

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Athens PopFest 2007: Day 2 with The American Revolution, The Postmarks, Tullycraft, and more…

Show Date: August 10, 2007

I missed the day shows (Atlanta traffic sucks big time and it took 7 hours to pick up a friend at the airport!), but no mind, the night shows more than made up for it. The evening started with Ideal Free Distribution. They were suped-up indie – flush with loud guitar fills and two band […]

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Athens PopFest 2007: Day 1 with Ted Leo, Velcro Stars and more…

Show Date: August 9, 2007

The Smittens welcomed me to the Athens PopFest with their trademark cute deep vocals and bashful next door lyrics "Be my valentine, I want to make out all the time." Velcro Stars, already pointed out as a band I need to check out soon since they went beyond cute pop to offer a palate cleansing […]

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Athens PopFest Report: Thurdsay night with Ted Leo, The Smittens, and more!

Good morning from sunny and warm (approx 100 degrees F) Athens, GA! Last night, our first night here, was such fun. We entered the 40 Watt just in time to see the Smittens (so cute). (Apologies for the not-so-good pictures… I'm working on figuring out my camera's settings in an indoor-rock setting) Next up, my […]

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